Map of Kester's property showing relevant shots and data sets
Map of seismic deployments surrounding the SAFOD site from Oct.-Nov., 2003. Note: this map is for informational purposes only, and no claims are made for its accuracy. Also, this map only shows the central part of the Hole Ryberg line, which extends from Camp Roberts on the SW to Coalinga on the NE.

This web page will serve as a single repository and portal for information pertaining to a series of seismological field studies conducted surrounding the San Andreas Fault Observatory at Depth (SAFOD) site in October and November 2003.

Relevant Shots and Data Sets

A list of the sources and array/network data available from SAFOD site characterization studies undertaken at Parkfield from Oct. - Nov. 2003, is given below. Individuals requesting data and/or travel time picks from these arrays should directly contact the PIs listed.


Temporary Arrays:

Permanent Networks (NCSN and HRSN data available from N. Calif. Data Center):

Downloadable data

Download shot locations and origin times, receiver locations, local earthquake catalog, coordinates of San Andreas Fault trace, and general coordinate system information.