GeoJSON Detail Format


GeoJSON Detail output includes detailed information about a single earthquake. This matches the GeoJSON Summary output for a single feature, and includes an additional property "products", with additional information from all contributors to an event.

Links to GeoJSON Detail feeds are included in GeoJSON Summary feeds as the feature property "detail".

This feed adheres to the USGS Earthquakes Feed Life Cycle Policy.


GeoJSON is intended to be used as a programatic interface for applications.


{ type: "Feature", properties: { mag: Decimal, place: String, time: Long Integer, updated: Long Integer, tz: Integer, url: String, felt:Integer, cdi: Decimal, mmi: Decimal, alert: String, status: String, tsunami: Integer, sig:Integer, net: String, code: String, ids: String, sources: String, types: String, nst: Integer, dmin: Decimal, rms: Decimal, gap: Decimal, magType: String, type: String, products: { <productType>: [ { id: String, type: String, code: String, source: String, updateTime: Integer, status: String, properties: { <key>: String, ... }, preferredWeight: Integer, contents: { <path>: { contentType: String, lastModified: Long Integer, length: Integer, url: String }, ... } }, ... ], ... } }, geometry: { type: "Point", coordinates: [ longitude, latitude, depth ] }, id: String }