Real-time Feeds

  • ATOM Syndication

    ATOM feed icon
    A basic syndication format supported by a variety of feed readers. This is a good option for casually subscribing to earthquake information.
  • Google Earth™ KML

    Google Earth icon
    This feed format is suitable for loading into applications that understand Keyhole Markup Language (KML) such as Google Earth™
  • Spreadsheet Format

    Spreadsheet icon
    A simple text format suitable for loading data into spreadsheet applications like Microsoft Excel™. This is a good option for manual scientific analysis.
  • QuakeML

    QuakeML icon
    A flexible, extensible and modular XML representation of seismological data which is intended to cover a broad range of fields of application in modern seismology.

Real-time Notifications

  • Earthquake Notification Service

    Earthquake Notification Service icon
    The Earthquake Notification Service (ENS) is a free service that sends you automated notifications to your email or cell phone when earthquakes happen.
  • Tweet Earthquake Dispatch

    Tweet Earthquake Dispatch icon
    Tweet Earthquake Dispatch (TED) offers two Twitter accounts. On average, each account will produce about one tweet per day.

For Developers