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Will California eventually fall off into the ocean? No. The San Andreas Fault System, which crosses California from the Salton Sea in the south to Cape Mendocino in the north, is the boundary between the Pacific Plate and North American Plate. The Pacific Plate is moving northwest with respect to the North American Plate at approximately 56 millimeters per year (the rate your fingernails grow). The strike-slip earthquakes on the San Andreas Fault are a result of this plate motion. The plates are moving horizontally past one another, so California is not going to fall into the ocean. However, Los Angeles and San Francisco will one day be adjacent to one another (in approximately 15 million years)!

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January 28, 1872
M 5.7, Russia – 188 killed. Samaxi (Shemakha) almost completely destroyed; all but about 20 buildings had some damage. About 30,000 people homeless. This… Read More

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