Please note: these data are preliminary and may or may not contain errors. I have tried to adjust the measurements for various sorts of problems including changes in set-up heights, difference between reflectors, changes in the apparent 'length' of the 2-color EDM due to various repairs and component changes. In addition, for the frequently measured baselines from CASA, I have tried to remove short-term fluctuations that are common to all 7 (or 8) baselines that are measured frequently. These “better quality data” are available under the topic “Frequent measurements from Casa; Instrument drift removed”

The format of the data “year, julian day, displacement, standard error, instrument number” The julian day is local, pacific standard time. The displacement is in millimeters. The standard error is an estimate of the white noise component of the measurement error. Additional random walk noise is apparent in the data. see: Langbein and Johnson, Correlated errors in geodetic time-series; Implications for time-dependent deformation, J. Geophs. Res, v102, 591-603, 1997.

Site locations

These site locations are scaled from a 7.5 minute topographical map

Frequent measurements from Casa; Instrument drift removed

Frequent measurements from Casa; no short term drift removed

Infrequent measurements from Casa

Infrequent measurements from Whitmore (wht)

Infrequent measurements from Miner (min)

Infrequent measurements from Mill (mll)

Infrequent measurements from Lookout (lok)

Infrequent measurements from Crater (cra)