1. Download and install Google Earth. We recommend using the latest version.
  2. Uncheck (turn off) any layers that may be active within the left panel, Places and Layers. To provide a 3D perspective, turn on the Terrain layer under Layers or on the Navigation Panel.
  3. Begin the 1906 Earthquake Virtual Tour by stepping through the chapters beginning with Global Geologic Setting of the 1906 Earthquake. Within each chapter you will find layers (in KMZ format) to load into Google Earth. After clicking the download link, open the file in Google Earth.


  1. To avoid confusion, turn off previous layers before downloading a new layer into Google Earth. After examining the feature of interest, you may then turn on and off layers as you desire.
  2. To increase performance, delete layers after you have examined them to satisfaction. Performance of your computer may decrease upon loading multiple files into Google Earth.
  3. Many of the features on the map are clickable and contain more information or links to additional information.

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