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Earthquake History for September 9th

  • Epi M6.8 - Algeria, 1954

    1,250 deaths. One of the world's deadliest earthquakes.
    Severe damage and about 3,000 people injured in the Orleansville area, which was rebuilt and renamed El Asnam (now Chlef). Felt from Mostaganem east to Tizi Ouzou and south to Tiaret. Faults and fissures occurred in a 16-km (10-mi) zone at the southern edge of the Dahra Massif. Undersea cables in the Mediterranean broke several hours after the earthquake. There were many aftershocks - a strong one on Sep 16 at 22:18 caused additional damage. See also the El Asnam earthquake of 1980 Oct 10.
  •  M7.0 - Alaska, 1910

    One of the Largest Earthquakes in the United States.

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