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Earthquake History for January 19th

  •  M6.5 - Colombia, 1995

    Five people killed, several injured and at least 20 major buildings damaged in the Bogota area. One person also killed at Manizales and another at Miraflores. More than 500 houses damaged or destroyed in Boyaca Department and 12 others destroyed in Casanare Department. Landslides blocked several rivers and streams in Colombia. Felt in much of Colombia and western Venezuela and as far as Caracas, Venezuela.
  •  M6.8 - Indonesia, 1981

    Three hundred five people killed, some injured and about 1,000 missing in the Jayawijaya Mountains. Landslides buried many villages.
  •  M6.8 - Xizang, 1975

    This earthquake killed 42, seriously injured 40, left 2,500 people homeless, and cause extensive damage in the Kinnaur district of the Himachal Pradesh State. Damage was also reported on the Tibetan side. The tremor was felt in New Delhi, India, and Lahore and Rawalpindi, Pakistan.
    From Significant Earthquakes of the World 1975 and Earthquake Information Bulletin, Volume 7, Number 2.

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