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Earthquake History for April 29th

  •  M5.3 - Arizona, 1993

    Some damage at Big Water, Utah and additional damage at Pipe Springs National Monument. Slight damage (V) in the Flagstaff area and short power outages at Grand Canyon Village, Tusayan and Valle. Felt (V) at Ash Fork, Bellemont, Clarkdale, Cottonwood, Parks, Peach Springs and Sedona; (IV) at Fredonia, Gray Mountain, Jerome, Page, Paulden, Seligman, Williams and Winslow; (III) at Chinle, Chloride, Colorado City, Cornville, Grand Canyon, Kirkland and Pine. Felt (V) at Bryce, Cedar City, Kanab and Springdale, Utah; (IV) at Hurricane and Tropic, Utah. Felt at Lake Powell, Orderville, Rockville and St. George, Utah. Also felt at Cottonwood Cove, Las Vegas, Overton and Searchlight, Nevada.
    From Significant Earthquakes of the World 1993.
  •  M6.1 - Italy, 1984

    Thirty-six people injured and extensive damage (VIII) in the Assisi-Gubbio-Perugia area. About 7,500 people homeless. Felt strongly in central Italy.
    From Significant Earthquakes of the World, 1984.
  •  M6.5 - Washington, 1965

    The second largest earthquake in the history of Washington.
  •  M7.2 - Australia, 1941

    The Meeberrie earthquake was one of the largest to have occurred in Australia. It was felt over a wide area of Western Australia. Damage from the earthquake was small because of the low population in the epicentral region, but the shaking at Meeberrie homestead was very severe. All the walls of the homestead were cracked, several rainwater tanks burst, and widespread cracking of the ground occurred.
    From the EMA Disasters Database, EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT AUSTRALIA.

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