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Earthquake History for July 7th

  •  M7.6 - Peru, 2001

    One person killed and 30 injured in Arequipa Department. Hundreds of buildings that had been weakened by the previous earthquakes were destroyed. A very large boulder fell and blocked the Pan American Highway. Some power outages occurred in the epicentral area and in Arica, Chile. Felt (VI) at Ocona and in the Tacna area. Felt strongly at Arequipa and Ilo. Felt (V) at Arica, Tocora and Vitor; (IV) at Camarones, Codpa, Illapata and Iquique; (III) at Putre; (II) in the Antofagasta-Pisagua area, Chile.
  •  M7.3 - Alaska, 1929

    One of the Largest Earthquakes in the United States.
  •  M7.2 - Alaska, 1912

    One of the Largest Earthquakes in the United States.

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