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Earthquake History for June 29th

  •  M6.8 - California, 1925

    This destructive earthquake caused property damage estimated at $8 million and killed 13 people. Most of the damage occurred at Santa Barbara and nearby towns along the coast, but the earthquake caused moderate damage at many points north of the Santa Ynez mountains, in the Santa Ynez and Santa Maria River valleys. North of Santa Barbara, the earth dam of the Sheffield Reservoir was destroyed, but the water released caused little damage.
  •  M - New Zealand, 1906

    Keith Edward Bullen born.
    New Zealand-born mathematician and geophysicst, noted for his seismological interpretation of the deep structure of the Earth's mantle and core.
  •  M7.6 - Alaska, 1898

    One of the Largest Earthquakes in the United States.

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