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Earthquake History for March 4th

  •  M6.1 - Pakistan, 1990

    At least 11 people killed, about 40 injured and many homes and buildings damaged in the Kalat area. Also felt at Quetta and Mastung.
    From Significant Earthquakes of the World 1990.
  •  M7.2 - Romania, 1977

    One of the world's deadliest earthquakes.
    The earthquake was centered about 170 kilometers northeast of Bucharest. It killed 1,500, injured about 10,500, and caused extensive damage in Bucharest and other parts of Romania. Bulgaria reported 20 killed and 165 injured. Some injuries and damage were reported in Yugoslavia. Moscow reported some damage in the Soviet Republic of Moldavia. This shock was felt from Rome to Moscow and from Turkey to Finland.
    From Significant Earthquakes of the World 1977 and Earthquake Information Bulletin, Volume 9, Number 5.
    Damage Photos from the USGS Photographic Library
  •  M8.1 - Japan, 1952

    31 killed, 572 injured; 713 houses destroyed, 5,980 damaged. 28 killed and warehouses destroyed at Kushiro. 3 killed and 309 houses destroyed at Kiratapu. 1,000 houses destroyed or damaged at Shiranuka and 400 schools collapsed at Sapporo. 10-foot tsunami.
    From United States Earthquakes, 1952.

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