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Earthquake History for January 14th

  •  M5.9 - China, 2000

    Seven people killed, 2,528 injured, 92,479 homeless and more than 41,000 houses destroyed in central Yunnan Province.
    From Significant Earthquakes of the World 2000.
  •  M6.7 - Japan, 1978

    Southern Honshu was struck by a damaging earthquake, centered midway between Oshima Island and Izu Prefecture. Twenty-one people were reported killed; 119 injured; and four missing. Considerable damage was reported in the area, including many landslides, and damage was estimated to be about $76 million; maximum intensity was V (JMA). Tsunamis were reported at Oshima Island (35 cm), Tateyama (12 cm) and Shiono Misaki. This earthquake was preceded by a number of smaller shocks that were felt the day before and was followed by a number of aftershocks, many of which were in the 5.0 - 5.5 range.
    From Significant Earthquakes of the World 1978 and Earthquake Information Bulletin, Volume 10, Number 4.
  •  M7.8 and 8.2 - Kermadec Islands, 1976

    Two earthquakes, less than one hour apart, caused considerable damage on Raoul and many landslides, but no loss of life. A local tsunami was generated. Northern New Zealand reported a tsunami of 75 centimeters.
  •  M6.5 - Kingston, 1907

    800 to 1,000 deaths. One of the world's deadliest earthquakes. Every building in Kingston was damaged by the earthquake and subsequent fires. A tsunami was reported on the north coast of Jamaica, with a maximum wave height of about 2 m (6-8 ft).

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