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Earthquake History for June 1st

  •  M - New Jersey, 1927

    This was the highest intensity earthquake ever observed in New Jersey. Three shocks were felt along the coast from Sandy Hook to Toms River. Maximum intensities of VII were observed at Asbury Park and Long Branch. Several chimneys fell, plaster cracked, and articles were thrown from shelves. The felt area extended over approximately 7,800 square kilometers.
    From Earthquake Information Bulletin, Volume 7, Number 2.
  • M - California, 1888

    In 1887 and 1888, the Ewing duplex-pendulum seismometer was placed at ten sites in Northern California and Nevada. The first seismographic observatories in the Western Hemisphere, at Berkeley and Mount Hamilton (Lick Observatory), California, were equipped with the duplex instruments as well as Ewing horizontal-pendulum seismometers and Gray-Ewing vertical seismometers. The Lick Observatory, University of California, Mount Hamilton, California, had its the formal opening June 1, 1888 and exhibited the seismographs.
    The first record reported was of a local earthquake on April 24, 1887.

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