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Earthquake History for July 26th

  •  M5.6 - Turkey, 1967

    This shock centered near the eastern end of the Anatolian fault system, in the Pulumur region. Ninety-two were killed, several injured, and about 3,000 houses were destroyed or made uninhabitable.
    From United States Earthquakes, 1967.
  •  M6.0 - Yugoslavia, 1963

    Over 1,100 deaths.
    One of the world's deadliest earthquakes.
    About 75 percent of the buildings in Skopje destroyed or severely damaged and more than 4,000 people injured. The heaviest damage occurred to buildings on alluvium in the Vardar River Valley. There was little damage outside Skopje, indicating the quake was very shallow and located almost directly under the city. The Illyrian city of Scupi was destroyed by an earthquake in 518. It was rebuilt nearby and briefly named Justiniana Prima, later Skopje. Called Uskub while part of the Ottoman Empire, it was destroyed again by an earthquake in 1555.

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