Seismic Design Maps & Tools

Engineers should use these maps and tools for seismic design, not the hazard maps available elsewhere on the USGS web site.

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Sites in the U.S. and its Territories

The USGS collaborates with organizations that develop model building codes (for example, the Building Seismic Safety Council) to make seismic design parameter values available to engineers. The building code developers first decide how USGS hazard information should be applied in design practice. Then the USGS calculates gridded values of design parameters based on USGS hazard values according to the procedures of the building code developers. The USGS provides data files and maps of the gridded design values.

Two tools provide design values for a specified site from the building code reference documents listed:

U.S. Seismic Design Maps

Sites outside the U.S. and its Territories

This tool provides design values (specifically, SS and S1) worldwide for use with the International Building Code.

Worldwide Seismic Design Values (Beta)