PAGER - M 4.8 - 115.5 miles SE of Deadhorse

Alert level does not include impacts from earthquake-related hazards such as tsunamis, landslides, fires or liquefaction.

Earthquake Shaking Alert Level: GREEN

Download Alert PDFWhat's this?Sunday, September 1st, 2013 at 22:52:05 UTC (14:52:05 local)Location: 69.2° N, 144.5° WDepth: 1kmEvent Id: AK10795149Alert Version: 2Created: 4 days, 17 hours after earthquake.
Global Location

Alert Information

Green alert for shaking-related fatalities and economic losses. There is a low likelihood of casualties and damage.
Estimated FatalitiesFatality Alert Level: GREEN
1 to 9 (YELLOW)1
10 to 99 (YELLOW)0
100 to 999 (ORANGE)0
1 to 10 thousand (RED)0
10 to 100 thousand (RED)0
100 thousand + (RED)0
Estimated Economic LossesEconomic Alert Level: GREEN
0 to 1 million (GREEN)
1 to 10 million (YELLOW)1
10 to 100 million (YELLOW)0
100 million to 1 billion (ORANGE)0
1 to 10 billion (RED)0
10 to 100 billion (RED)0
100 billion + (RED)0

Detailed Information

Estimated Population Exposed to Earthquake Shaking
Estimated Modified Mercalli IntensityIII-IIIIVVVIVIIVIIIIXX
Est. Population Exposure---*---*0000000
Perceived ShakingNot FeltWeakLightModerateStrongVery StrongSevereViolentExtreme
Potential Structure DamageResistantnonenonenoneV. LightLightModerateModerate/HeavyHeavyV. Heavy
VulnerablenonenonenoneLightModerateModerate/HeavyHeavyV. HeavyV. Heavy
*Estimated exposure only includes population within calculated shake map area
Population Exposure
Population per ~1 sq. km. from LandScan
Population Exposure Map

Structure Information Summary

Overall, the population in this region resides in structures that are resistant to earthquake shaking, though some vulnerable structures exist.

Historical Earthquakes (with MMI)

Cities Exposedfrom GeoNames Database of Cities with 1,000 or more residents.

There were no cities available in the database within the exposure map boundary.

Historical Events Map
Nearby Events in the EXPO-CAT Earthquake Catalog
#Date/TimeMagLat, Lon, DepthCountryMax MMI (Exposed)DeathsSecondary Effects
No historic events found within search parameters

PAGER content is automatically generated, and only considers losses due to structural damage. Limitations of input data, shaking estimates, and loss models may add uncertainty. PAGER results are generally available within 30 minutes of the earthquake’s occurrence. However, information on the extent of shaking will be uncertain in the minutes and hours following an earthquake and typically improves as additional sensor data and reported intensities are acquired and incorporated into models of the earthquake's source. Users of PAGER estimates should account for uncertainty and always seek the most current PAGER release for any earthquake.