This web application is used for generating a 3D slab model following the procedure of Hayes et al., 2018. If using models generated from this web application, please cite Hayes et al., 2018 and Haynie et al., 2020 (AGU abstract). Instructions for plotting the model results can be found in the Slab2 code documentation and GitHub repository.

To generate a slab model, please enter your email address, select a slab region (refer to the map on the right), choose if you would like to model the surface to the top of the slab or the center of the slab, and lastly choose the Slab2 database you would like to use for creating your model. Once submitted, the form will refresh and you will receive an email.

slab2 map
Global distribution of Slab2 models colored by depth to the slab surface. Figure modified from Hayes et al., 2018.

Once submitted, you will receive a confirmation email. Results will also be emailed as a zip file within 5-45 minutes.