Processed strong-motion records of engineering interest are available at the Center for Engineering Strong Motion Data (CESMD), a cooperative effort between the USGS and the California Geological Survey. The software PRISM is used to process all strong motion records processed by the USGS NSMP.

At the CESMD, access to ground and structural response data for earthquakes in the U.S. is provided via Internet Quick Reports, which summarize strong-motion records recovered for very recent earthquakes, and through Internet Data Reports for older events.

Two data search options are currently supported by the CESMD, one for U.S. ground and structural response data at the Engineering Data Center (EDC), and one for worldwide ground response data at the Virtual Data Center (VDC). The USGS also has an archive of older NSMP data not yet available at the CESMD.

Station metadata describing the coordinates, instrument response, and epochs of operation for all equipment operated by the NSMP is available from the Northern California Earthquake Data Center.