Station OK07



Plot showing Filtered data (All data)

These plots depict the North, East and Up components of the station as a function of time. More detailed explanation »

Dashed vertical lines show offsets (when present) due to:

  • Green – antenna changes from site logs
  • Red – earthquakes
  • Blue – manually entered



White noise (mm)Amplitude of first power law (mm/yr^(n1/4))n1 (spectral index of first power law)Lower frequency limit for band-pass (BP) filtered noise (cycle/year)Upper frequency limit for band-pass (BP) filtered noise (cycle/year) Number of poles for BP filtered noiseAmplitude of BP filtered noise (mm)n2 (spectral index of second power law)Amplitude of second power law (mm/yr^(n2/4))

These results are preliminary. The station positions are unchecked and should not be used for any engineering applications. There may be errors in the antenna heights. The velocities are very dependent on the length of the span of observations. The presence of outliers (errant observations) sometimes contaminates the velocities.

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