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M5.9 - Central Peru, 1969

The tremor was centered in the Gran Pajonal (Satipo) area near the location of the destructive earthquake that killed 233 residents on November 1, 1947. Although no fatalities resulted from this earthquake, a state of local emergency was declared in Huancayo, where many houses were damaged, water supplies were cut off, and numerous roads were blocked by landslides. The highways leading to Huaytapallana were almost completely erased, and several bridges collapsed.

Flooding resulted from this earthquake. In the Huaytapallana glacier area, the Chuspi and Asuntay snowpeaks collapsed, causing Asuntay lake and the Shullcas River to inundate nearby areas. Severe damage was caused by the Shullcas River, which rose more than 5 meters (16 feet). The earthquake also caused cracks in the control gate of the dam at Lake Asuntay. Bridges and roads were washed out between Huancayo and Chilifruta, and damage was reported from several surrounding towns.

From Earthquake Information Bulletin, Volume 2, Number 2.

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