13th United States-Japan Natural Resources Panel for Earthquake Research

Mon, Sep 26–Thurs, Sep 29, 2022


The registration deadline is Tuesday, July 26.

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Session 1 National Policies, Strategies Programs, Networks, and ongoing/upcoming Projects
Session 2 Recent Earthquakes
Session 3 Episodic Tremor and Slow Slip, Real-time Monitoring and Seafloor Observations, and Probabilistic Earthquake and Tsunami Hazard Estimation including Paleoseismology and Paleotsunamis
Session 4 Earthquake Hazard Studies and Recurrence
Session 5 Operational Forecasting and Early Warning Systems of Earthquakes and Tsunamis
Session 6 Ground Motion models
Session 7 AI and Machine learning techniques
Session 8 Tsunamis, seismicity and swarms in volcanic regions
Session 9 Subduction Zone Science

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Hotel Captain Cook in Anchorage, AK

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Book a room: United States And Japan Cooperative (reservations for this special block of rooms must be made by August 1).


In 1964, the United States and Japan established the Cooperative Program in Natural Resources to promote conservation of marine and terrestrial resources through cooperation in applied science and technology. Both the United States and Japan have established vigorous national research programs in seismology, geology and geodesy in response to the devastation caused by earthquakes. The UJNR Panel on Earthquake Research combines basic and applied research to improve our understanding of the causes and effects of earthquakes and to facilitate the transmission of research results to those who implement hazard reduction measures.