Lessons from the South Napa Earthquake

USGS scientists and others

Date & Time
Building 3, Room 3240 (main USGS conference room)

Science briefing among researchers to share current knowledge and ongoing work studying the M6 South Napa Earthquake of August 24

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345 Middlefield Rd.
Building 3, Room 3240 (2nd floor, main USGS conference room)

Agenda (10-12 min talks):

  1. Introduction - Jack Boatwright, USGS
  2. Earthquake sequence, aftershock probabilities & EEW - Brad Aagaard, USGS
  3. Aftershock sequence modeling - Andrea Llenos, USGS
  4. Earthquake relocations - Jeanne Hardebeck, USGS
  5. UAVSAR - Andrea Donnellan, NASA JPL
  6. Surface rupture & ground failure - Dan Ponti, USGS
  7. Geodetic signature and fault rupture models - Fred Pollitz, USGS
  8. Ground motions - Annemarie Baltay, USGS
  9. Aftershock instrument deployment - Brad Aagaard, USGS
  10. Damage - Erol Kalkan, USGS
  11. Clearinghouse - Heidi Tremayne, EERI

Closed captions are typically available a few days after the seminar. To turn them on, press the ‘CC’ button on the video player. For older seminars that don’t have closed captions, please email us, and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

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