Late Cenozoic Evolution of the Southern San Andreas Fault System: Insights From Stratigraphy and Basin Analysis

Rebecca Dorsey, University of Oregon

Wednesday, May 29, 2013 at 10:30 AM

Building 3, Room 3240 (main USGS conference room)
Keith Howard

co-sponsored with GMEG.

+ Initiation of major plate boundary strain in the Salton Trough region at ca. 8 Ma
+ Latest Miocene to Pleistocene West Salton detachment fault and supradetachment basin
+ Initiation of the San Jacinto and Elsinore faults at ca. 1.2 Ma
+ Rapid vertical crustal motions involved in strike-slip deformation (e.g. exhumation of Fish Creek Mts crystalline rocks from 5.5 km depth to the surface in the past 1.2 Ma)"

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