The (Un)Lucky 7: Understanding Social Characteristics in America and the Military

Morten Ender

West Point Military Academy

Date & Time
Online-only seminar via Microsoft Teams

This seminar by Dr. Morton Ender is part of the ESC Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity Working Groups efforts as we seek to improve life for underrepresented groups in the Earth Sciences and our Center and understand the impacts of earthquakes on different parts of our society. We hope you will join us for his seminar and discussion to help us build our communal understanding of these issues in the U.S. The abstract is below.

Seven major social characteristics are consistently contested in American society: race/ethnicity; sex/gender; sexual orientation; religious affiliation; age; socio-economic status; and (dis)ability. I will briefly discuss these seven areas in American society and in the U.S. military. Additionally, I will touch upon intersectionality, rugged individualism, and the ongoing citizenship revolution in the U.S. I will leave ample time for Q&A and discussion. This presentation originates from two publications: Morten G. Ender and Betsy Lucal. “Social Inequality and the United States Army: The (Un)Lucky Seven,” in R.E. Tully and B. Chilton (eds.) Equality - More or Less (Hamilton Books, 2020) See: and and David E. Rohall, Morten G. Ender, Michael D. Matthews (eds.). (2017). Inclusion in the U.S Military: A Force for Diversity. (Lexington Books) See:

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