Damage Produced by the 2020 Puerto Rico Earthquakes

Eduardo Miranda

Stanford University

Date & Time
Online-only seminar via Microsoft Teams

This presentation will summarize observations by a post-earthquake reconnaissance mission to south western Puerto Rico after the sequence of earthquakes that initiated at the end of 2019 with a main event occurring on January 7th, 2020 at 8km S of Indios at 4:24am local time (8:24 UTC) with a magnitude Mw 6.4, followed by thousands of aftershocks. The ground shaking from the earthquakes damaged over 10,000 structures, including the complete collapse of at least 80 structures, most of which were single-family residential units. In addition, several bridges, roads and other infrastructure were also damaged or destroyed and two thirds of the island lost power as a result of the Mw 6.4 earthquake. The presentation will summarize some of the characteristics of strong motion recordings and damage to various types of construction.

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