Structural and Non-structural Damage Reconnaissance Results of the Nov 2018 M7 Anchorage Earthquake

Wael Hassan, PhD

University of Alaska

Date & Time
Building 3, Rambo Auditorium
Mehmet Celebi

Although the magnitude of the Nov 30, 2018 Anchorage Earthquake was relatively high, with short epicentral distance to centers of population like Anchorage and Eagle River, the observed damage and absence of fatalities or serious injuries were less than anticipated from such a large event. The depth of the event (27 miles) may have dissipated much of its energy along its long hypo-central distance. However, widespread, operation-disruptive non-structural damage took place in different types of buildings ranging from cosmetic to heavy non-structural and equipment damage and water flooding. Major school, hospital and business closure and disruption resulted from such damage. Structural damage to non-engineered residential buildings was substantial. Existing buildings lacking seismic details experienced minor to moderate structural damage. Widespread geotechnical and foundation damage was observed due to the nature of soil in the region. Minor structural damage and moderate geotechnical related damage occurred in bridges. This seminar focuses on the structural and non-structural damage results from EERI Field Reconnaissance conducted in Southcentral Alaska following the Earthquake.

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