Use of ground motion simulations in engineering practice

Jack Baker


Date & Time
Building 3, Rambo Auditorium
Tom Hanks

Ground motion simulations hold promise for advancing seismic hazard analysis and dynamic analysis of structural models—two distinct tasks in engineering practice. This talk will present an overview of typical requirements for dynamic structural analysis, and typical procedures for satisfying those requirements using recorded or simulated ground motions. Example applications using recorded and simulated ground motions will be used to illustrate issues of concern to engineers, and features needed for simulations to gain broad acceptance in engineering practice. Practical aspects, including the availability of data and software tools, will also be discussed. A notable aspect of this use of ground motions is that the hazard analysis and resulting target response spectrum are developed separately, so choice of recorded or simulated ground motions can be made separately from judgments as to whether empirical or simulation-based methods are preferable for seismic hazard analysis.

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