Seismic Network Operations


Scott Base, Antarctica

IU SBA commences operations on: 1998,301

Country Flag
Host: Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences
Latitude: -77.849
Longitude: 166.757
Elevation: 50
Datalogger: Q680
Broadband: CMG3-T
Accelerometer: n/a
Telemetry Status at the NEIC: Last Data In Less Than 10 Minutes
Station Photo Station Photo Station Photo Station Photo 
Location CodeChannel CodeInstrumentFlagsSample RateDipAzimuthDepth
00VHZGuralp CMG3-T SeismometerCG0.10-
00VHNGuralp CMG3-T SeismometerCG0.
00VE1Quanterra DA voltage monitor(null)
00LHZGuralp CMG3-T SeismometerCG1.00-
00LHNGuralp CMG3-T SeismometerCG1.
00HHZGuralp CMG3-T SeismometerTG80.00-
00HHNGuralp CMG3-T SeismometerTG80.
00BHZGuralp CMG3-T SeismometerCG40.00-
00BHNGuralp CMG3-T SeismometerCG40.
00VHEGuralp CMG3-T SeismometerCG0.100.0090.002.00
00LHEGuralp CMG3-T SeismometerCG1.000.0090.002.00
00HHEGuralp CMG3-T SeismometerTG80.000.0090.002.00
00BHEGuralp CMG3-T SeismometerCG40.000.0090.002.00
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