Seismic Network Operations


Raoul, Kermadec Islands

IU RAO commences operations on: 2004,200

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Host: Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences
Latitude: -29.245
Longitude: -177.929
Elevation: 60
Datalogger: Q330
Broadband: STS-1V/VBB
Accelerometer: FBA-23
Telemetry Status at the NEIC: Last Data In Less Than 10 Minutes
Station Photo Station Photo Station Photo Station Photo 

Site Description: Station is located on a 100m bluff on the small volcanic island.

Vault Condition: STS-2, STS-1 vertical and FBA-23 are located in a very shallow concrete vault.

Location CodeChannel CodeInstrumentFlagsSample RateDipAzimuthDepth
00BH1Streckeisen STS-2.5CG40.
00BH2Streckeisen STS-2.5CG40.000.0090.000.50
00BHZStreckeisen STS-2.5CG40.00-
00HH1Streckeisen STS-2.5TG100.
00HH2Streckeisen STS-2.5TG100.000.0090.000.50
00HHZStreckeisen STS-2.5TG100.00-
00LH1Streckeisen STS-2.5CG1.
00LH2Streckeisen STS-2.5CG1.000.0090.000.50
00LHZStreckeisen STS-2.5CG1.00-
00VH1Streckeisen STS-2.5CG0.
00VH2Streckeisen STS-2.5CG0.100.0090.000.50
00VHZStreckeisen STS-2.5CG0.10-
00VMUStreckeisen STS-2.5CG0.
00VMVStreckeisen STS-2.5CG0.
00VMWStreckeisen STS-2.5CG0.
10BH1Trillium 240 broad bandCG40.
10BH2Trillium 240 broad bandCG40.000.0090.000.50
10BHZTrillium 240 broad bandCG40.00-
10LH1Trillium 240 broad bandCG1.
10LH2Trillium 240 broad bandCG1.000.0090.000.50
10LHZTrillium 240 broad bandCG1.00-
10VH1Trillium 240 broad bandCG0.
10VH2Trillium 240 broad bandCG0.100.0090.000.50
10VHZTrillium 240 broad bandCG0.10-
10VMUTrillium 240 broad bandCH0.
10VMVTrillium 240 broad bandCH0.
10VMWTrillium 240 broad bandCH0.
20HN1Kinemetrics FBA ES-T EpiSensor AccelerometerTG100.
20HN2Kinemetrics FBA ES-T EpiSensor AccelerometerTG100.000.0090.000.50
20HNZKinemetrics FBA ES-T EpiSensor AccelerometerTG100.00-
20LN1Kinemetrics FBA ES-T EpiSensor AccelerometerCG1.
20LN2Kinemetrics FBA ES-T EpiSensor AccelerometerCG1.000.0090.000.50
20LNZKinemetrics FBA ES-T EpiSensor AccelerometerCG1.00-
30LDOlower quality chip sensor in Setra boxCW1.
31LDOCI/PAS pressure sensorCW1.
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  1. 2013-05-17
    Upgraded to Q330 with STS-2 as primary and Trillium 240 as secondary. The STS-1 Z channel had not functioned since August 2009.