Seismic Network Operations


Kiev, Ukraine

IU KIEV commences operations on: 1995,030

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Host: Institute of Geophysics, National Academy of Sciences
Latitude: 50.701
Longitude: 29.224
Elevation: 180
Datalogger: Q680
Broadband: STS-1V/VBB
Accelerometer: FBA-23
Telemetry Status at the NEIC: No Data In More Than 24 Hours
Station Photo Station Photo Station Photo 

Vault Condition: The vault lies in an abandoned missle cylo which is made of steel. The concrete and steel piers are isolated from the floor and are attached to granite.

Site Geology: Granite

Location CodeChannel CodeInstrumentFlagsSample RateDipAzimuthDepth
20LNZKinemetrics FBA-23 Low-Gain SensorCG1.00-90.000.0040.00
20LNNKinemetrics FBA-23 Low-Gain SensorCG1.000.000.0040.00
20LNEKinemetrics FBA-23 Low-Gain SensorCG1.000.0090.0040.00
20HNZKinemetrics FBA-23 Low-Gain SensorTG80.00-90.000.0040.00
20HNNKinemetrics FBA-23 Low-Gain SensorTG80.000.000.0040.00
20HNEKinemetrics FBA-23 Low-Gain SensorTG80.000.0090.0040.00
10SHZGeotech GS-13 SeismometerCG40.00-90.000.0040.00
10SHNGeotech GS-13 SeismometerCG40.000.000.0040.00
10SHEGeotech GS-13 SeismometerCG40.000.0090.0040.00
10EHZGeotech GS-13 SeismometerTG80.00-90.000.0040.00
00LHEStreckeisen STS-1H/VBB SeismometerCG1.000.0090.0040.00
10EHNGeotech GS-13 SeismometerTG80.000.000.0040.00
10EHEGeotech GS-13 SeismometerTG80.000.0090.0040.00
00VHZStreckeisen STS-1V/VBB SeismometerCG0.10-90.000.0040.00
00VHNStreckeisen STS-1H/VBB SeismometerCG0.100.000.0040.00
00VHEStreckeisen STS-1H/VBB SeismometerCG0.100.0090.0040.00
00LHZStreckeisen STS-1V/VBB SeismometerCG1.00-90.000.0040.00
00LHNStreckeisen STS-1H/VBB SeismometerCG1.000.000.0040.00
00BHZStreckeisen STS-1V/VBB SeismometerCG20.00-90.000.0040.00
00BHNStreckeisen STS-1H/VBB SeismometerCG20.000.000.0040.00
00BHEStreckeisen STS-1H/VBB SeismometerCG20.000.0090.0040.00
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  1. Current Issues
    The station has been down since 11 Jun 2013. The Q680 has failed and the station is awaiting upgrade.