Seismic Network Operations


Whiskeytown Dam, Whiskeytown, CA, USA

BK WDC commences operations on: 1992,261

Country Flag
Latitude: 40.58
Longitude: -122.541
Elevation: 268.3
Datalogger: --
Broadband: STS-2_VBB_Tri-Axial
Accelerometer: ?
Telemetry Status at the NEIC: No Data In More Than 24 Hours
No photos available at this time.

Site Geology: Located in recent unconsolidated deposits of soil, slope wash, and talus.

Location CodeChannel CodeInstrumentFlagsSample RateDipAzimuthDepth
UEPBattery Voltage
UCQSynthetic State of Health (SOH)
UCDSynthetic State of Health (SOH)
LLZFBA-23 (2 g max 1.25 v/g) 1.00-90.000.0075.00
LLNFBA-23 (2 g max 1.25 v/g)
LKSYSI 44031 Thermistor
LHZSTS-2 VBB Tri-Axial 1.00-90.000.0075.00
LHNSTS-2 VBB Tri-Axial
LEPBattery Voltage
LDSMotorola MPX201 Pressure
HLZFBA-23 (2 g max 1.25 v/g) 80.00-90.000.0075.00
HLNFBA-23 (2 g max 1.25 v/g)
HHZSTS-2 VBB Tri-Axial 80.00-90.000.0075.00
HHNSTS-2 VBB Tri-Axial
BLZFBA-23 (2 g max 1.25 v/g) 40.00-90.000.0075.00
BLNFBA-23 (2 g max 1.25 v/g)
BHZSTS-2 VBB Tri-Axial 40.00-90.000.0075.00
BHNSTS-2 VBB Tri-Axial
UF1Synthetic State of Health (SOH)
UF2Synthetic State of Health (SOH)
UF3Synthetic State of Health (SOH)
UF6Synthetic State of Health (SOH)
UFCSynthetic State of Health (SOH)
UHNSTS-2 VBB Tri-Axial
UHZSTS-2 VBB Tri-Axial 0.01-90.000.0075.00
UK2Internal Temperature
VHNSTS-2 VBB Tri-Axial
VHZSTS-2 VBB Tri-Axial 0.10-90.000.0075.00
UMVSTS-2 VBB Tri-Axial 0.01-35.3030.0075.00
LLEFBA-23 (2 g max 1.25 v/g) 1.000.0090.0075.00
LHESTS-2 VBB Tri-Axial 1.000.0090.0075.00
HLEFBA-23 (2 g max 1.25 v/g) 80.000.0090.0075.00
HHESTS-2 VBB Tri-Axial 80.000.0090.0075.00
BLEFBA-23 (2 g max 1.25 v/g) 40.000.0090.0075.00
BHESTS-2 VBB Tri-Axial 40.000.0090.0075.00
UHESTS-2 VBB Tri-Axial 0.010.0090.0075.00
VHESTS-2 VBB Tri-Axial 0.100.0090.0075.00
UMWSTS-2 VBB Tri-Axial 0.01-35.30150.0075.00
UMUSTS-2 VBB Tri-Axial 0.01-35.30270.0075.00
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