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Parameter Notes Examples
Event ID To filter by ID enter "ID" followed by a space and then the ID to locate. You may use an asterisk (*) as a wild-card character.
Magnitude To filter by magnitude enter "Mag" or "Magnitude" followed by the minimum magnitude you wish to see. Results will be filtered to include events with a magnitude of at least this amount.
MMI To filter by MMI enter "MMI" or "Intensity" followed by the minimum intensity you wish to see either numerically or in roman numerals. Results will be filtered to include events with an MMI of at least this amount. Note: Roman numerals are handled as rounded values, and thus are calculated at -0.5 the value entered.
Responses To filter by responses, simply enter a number followed by "resp" or "responses". Events returned will include at least this number of responses for that event. Note: Separator characters for thousands digits are not currently supported.
Date To filter by date, enter a year for within that year or "before" or "after" followed by a year or date in the format below to get events before or after that year or date, or "between" followed by a year or date and another year or date for events between those years or dates. Date Formats: (YYYY/MM/DD, YYYY-MM-DD, YYYY.MM.DD) Note: On a between search, both parameters must be the same type (year or date).
Network This parameter is inclusive with region. To filter by network, enter any network codes: Network Codes: (ak, at, ci, hv, ld, mb, nc, ne, nm, nn, pr, pt, se, us, uu, uw)
Region This parameter is inclusive with location and network. To filter by region, enter any region or region code.
Regions: (alaska, california, central, hawaii, intermountain, pacific, puerto, island Region Codes: (ak, ca, cus, hi, imw, pnw, prt) Note: Region Codes are run inclusive with network, and Regions are run inclusive with location.
Location This parameter is inclusive with region To filter by location, type any text. Location will be used when entered text is not recognized as a network or region. Each word will be searched separately as an "or" condition with other words. Multiple words can be grouped together as a single condition by including them between quotation-marks ("). Note: This ignores English conjunctions, key words or phrases for other parameters, and network and region codes. Results included will contain the word in the location field, even if that word is a part of another word.

You may also chain together these parameters to form more complex queries. Currently conditional phrases ("or", "and", "not") are not supported. All inclusive parameters are treated as or conditions with each other, otherwise all parameters are handled with an implied "and" conjunction.

Complex Query Examples