M4.9 – Dominican Republic

Monday, July 15, 2013 at 14:02:32 UTC
Monday, July 15, 2013 at 10:02:32 Local
Globe at 20 -70. Click to view event page.

19.26°N 70.16°W
Depth: 37km

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City map City: Hato Mayor Intensity: I Responses: 1 City: Bajos de Haina Intensity: II Responses: 1 City: Santiago Intensity: II Responses: 7 City: Puerto Plata Intensity: II Responses: 2 City: Gaspar Hernández Intensity: V Responses: 1 City: Cabrera Intensity: III Responses: 2 City: Bonao Intensity: II Responses: 2 City: Sosúa Intensity: II Responses: 2 City: Monción Intensity: III Responses: 1 City: Santo Domingo Intensity: III Responses: 53 City: La Mata Intensity: II Responses: 1 City: Nagua Intensity: V Responses: 1 City: Moca Intensity: III Responses: 1
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Summary of Responses by City
CountryRegionCityMMIResp.Distance (km)LatitudeLongitude
Dominican RepublicSan CristóbalBajos de Haina2110018.42°N70.03°W
Dominican RepublicMonseñor NouelBonao225718.95°N70.41°W
Dominican RepublicMaría Trinidad SánchezCabrera326119.63°N69.90°W
Dominican RepublicEspaillatGaspar Hernández515519.62°N70.28°W
Dominican RepublicHato MayorHato Mayor1111418.77°N69.26°W
Dominican RepublicSánchez RamírezLa Mata216419.15°N70.65°W
Dominican RepublicEspaillatMoca315619.40°N70.53°W
Dominican RepublicSantiago RodríguezMonción3111419.42°N71.17°W
Dominican RepublicMaría Trinidad SánchezNagua515019.38°N69.85°W
Dominican RepublicPuerto PlataPuerto Plata229019.80°N70.70°W
Dominican RepublicSantiagoSantiago277119.48°N70.69°W
Dominican RepublicSanto DomingoSanto Domingo3539718.48°N69.91°W
Dominican RepublicPuerto PlataSosúa227519.75°N70.52°W
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