M6.6 – Offshore Bio-Bio, Chile

Friday, March 5, 2010 at 11:47:10 UTC
Friday, March 5, 2010 at 08:47:10 Local
Globe at -35 -75. Click to view event page.

36.51°S 73.12°W
Depth: 35km

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City map City: Vilcún Intensity: IV Responses: 1 City: Mendoza Intensity: II Responses: 2 City: Bulnes Intensity: VII Responses: 1 City: Cutral Có Intensity: IV Responses: 1 City: Coronel Intensity: VI Responses: 1 City: Villarrica Intensity: III Responses: 1 City: San Carlos Intensity: III Responses: 1 City: Los Angeles Intensity: V Responses: 7 City: Angol Intensity: IV Responses: 2 City: Concepción Intensity: V Responses: 18 City: Linares Intensity: IV Responses: 2 City: San Antonio Intensity: I Responses: 1 City: Peñaflor Intensity: II Responses: 1 City: Talca Intensity: V Responses: 1 City: Valdivia Intensity: III Responses: 5 City: Chiguayante Intensity: VI Responses: 3 City: Santiago Intensity: III Responses: 16 City: Laja Intensity: IV Responses: 1 City: Temuco Intensity: III Responses: 5 City: Chillán Intensity: VI Responses: 5 City: Talcahuano Intensity: IV Responses: 1
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Summary of Responses by City
CountryRegionCityMMIResp.Distance (km)LatitudeLongitude
ArgentinaBuenos AiresBuenos Aires23135334.61°S58.37°W
ArgentinaChubutComodoro Rivadavia22114045.86°S67.49°W
ArgentinaLa PampaSanta Rosa4179036.62°S64.30°W
ArgentinaNeuquénCutral Có4143638.94°S69.24°W
ArgentinaRío NegroBariloche2253741.14°S71.32°W
ChileBío BíoBulnes718436.74°S72.30°W
ChileBío BíoChiguayante635536.90°S73.04°W
ChileBío BíoChillán659736.60°S72.11°W
ChileBío BíoConcepción5184936.83°S73.05°W
ChileBío BíoCoronel616737.03°S73.16°W
ChileBío BíoLaja419837.28°S72.71°W
ChileBío BíoLos Angeles5712937.46°S72.36°W
ChileBío BíoSan Carlos3110936.42°S71.96°W
ChileBío BíoTalcahuano414336.74°S73.13°W
ChileLos LagosPuerto Varas2153641.33°S72.99°W
ChileLos LagosValdivia3536839.82°S73.23°W
ChileValparaísoSan Antonio1135233.60°S71.61°W
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