M7.6 – Southern Sumatra, Indonesia

Wednesday, September 30, 2009 at 10:16:09 UTC
Wednesday, September 30, 2009 at 17:16:09 Local
Globe at 0 100. Click to view event page.

0.73°S 99.86°E
Depth: 81km

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City map City: Medan Intensity: II Responses: 1 City: Baturaja Intensity: II Responses: 2 City: Padang Intensity: VIII Responses: 10 City: Jambi Intensity: VI Responses: 2 City: Klang Intensity: III Responses: 11 City: Dumai Intensity: III Responses: 1 City: Bukit Baru Intensity: III Responses: 1 City: Sibolga Intensity: VI Responses: 1 City: Bandar Maharani Intensity: III Responses: 6 City: Selatpanjang Intensity: IV Responses: 2 City: Singapore Intensity: III Responses: 489 City: Bukit Tinggi Intensity: VI Responses: 5 City: Shah Alam Intensity: III Responses: 27 City: Butterworth Intensity: IV Responses: 3 City: Lumut Intensity: V Responses: 2 City: Gunung Stoli Intensity: III Responses: 1 City: Gombak Setia Intensity: III Responses: 1 City: Bandar Penggaram Intensity: III Responses: 1 City: Johor Bahru Intensity: III Responses: 10 City: Bandar Intensity: IV Responses: 1 City: Payakumbuh Intensity: VI Responses: 1 City: Kabanjahe Intensity: II Responses: 1 City: Gelugor Intensity: III Responses: 5 City: Kota Bahru Intensity: III Responses: 1 City: Seremban Intensity: II Responses: 4 City: Ampang Jaya Intensity: III Responses: 2 City: Balaipungut Intensity: II Responses: 1 City: Tanjong Malim Intensity: III Responses: 1 City: Pekan Baru Intensity: III Responses: 15 City: Kuala Lumpur Intensity: III Responses: 224 City: Duri Intensity: IV Responses: 8 City: Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi Intensity: III Responses: 4 City: Banda Aceh Intensity: III Responses: 3 City: Petaling Jaya Intensity: III Responses: 72 City: Pontian Kecil Intensity: III Responses: 1 City: Sungai Ara Intensity: II Responses: 5 City: Ayer Keroh Intensity: II Responses: 8 City: Rawang Intensity: III Responses: 2 City: Subang Jaya Intensity: III Responses: 21 City: Sekudai Intensity: III Responses: 5 City: Palembang Intensity: I Responses: 1 City: Jakarta Intensity: II Responses: 7 City: Banting Intensity: V Responses: 1 City: Kajang-Sungai Chua Intensity: III Responses: 14 City: Melaka Intensity: III Responses: 7 City: Kualatungka Intensity: III Responses: 1 City: Kuah Intensity: II Responses: 1 City: Georgetown Intensity: III Responses: 11 City: Lahat Intensity: II Responses: 1 City: Klebang Intensity: III Responses: 1 City: Port Dickson Intensity: II Responses: 1 City: Mersing Intensity: III Responses: 1 City: Balakong Intensity: III Responses: 9 City: Batu Berendam Intensity: III Responses: 2 City: Tanjong Bunga Intensity: III Responses: 1 Geocoded Map Coords: Geocoded box UTM:(47M 068 997 10000) Intensity: VI Responses: 1 Coords: Geocoded box UTM:(47M 099 990 10000) Intensity: III Responses: 1 Coords: Geocoded box UTM:(47M 107 954 10000) Intensity: II Responses: 2 Coords: Geocoded box UTM:(47M 101 982 10000) Intensity: VI Responses: 2 Coords: Geocoded box UTM:(47M 065 996 10000) Intensity: VI Responses: 5
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Summary of Responses by City
CountryRegionCityMMIResp.Distance (km)LatitudeLongitude
Singapore_no regionSingapore34895041.30°N103.85°E
ThailandChiang MaiChiang Mai21216318.80°N98.98°E
IndonesiaAcehBanda Aceh338615.55°N95.32°E
IndonesiaKalimantan TimurTarakan2120273.28°N117.62°E
IndonesiaRiauPekan Baru3152390.56°N101.43°E
IndonesiaSumatera BaratBukit Tinggi651090.31°S100.37°E
IndonesiaSumatera BaratPadang8101010.95°S100.35°E
IndonesiaSumatera BaratPayakumbuh611300.22°S100.63°E
IndonesiaSumatera SelatanBaturaja226154.13°S104.17°E
IndonesiaSumatera SelatanLahat215373.79°S103.54°E
IndonesiaSumatera SelatanPalembang116042.99°S104.75°E
IndonesiaSumatera UtaraBandar413172.05°N99.75°E
IndonesiaSumatera UtaraGunung Stoli313431.28°N97.61°E
IndonesiaSumatera UtaraKabanjahe214573.10°N98.48°E
IndonesiaSumatera UtaraMedan215013.59°N98.67°E
IndonesiaSumatera UtaraSibolga613081.74°N98.78°E
MalaysiaJohorBandar Maharani364372.05°N102.56°E
MalaysiaJohorBandar Penggaram314521.85°N102.93°E
MalaysiaJohorJohor Bahru3105031.48°N103.75°E
MalaysiaJohorPontian Kecil314711.52°N103.38°E
MalaysiaKelantanKota Bahru318066.12°N102.24°E
MalaysiaKuala LumpurKuala Lumpur32244833.16°N101.71°E
MalaysiaMelakaAyer Keroh284342.27°N102.28°E
MalaysiaMelakaBatu Berendam324312.25°N102.25°E
MalaysiaMelakaBukit Baru314292.22°N102.27°E
MalaysiaNegeri SembilanPort Dickson214272.53°N101.80°E
MalaysiaNegeri SembilanSeremban244522.71°N101.95°E
MalaysiaPerakTanjong Malim315273.68°N101.52°E
MalaysiaPulau PinangButterworth436845.40°N100.37°E
MalaysiaPulau PinangGelugor356945.48°N100.50°E
MalaysiaPulau PinangGeorgetown3116805.37°N100.31°E
MalaysiaPulau PinangSungai Ara256755.33°N100.27°E
MalaysiaPulau PinangTanjong Bunga316915.47°N100.27°E
MalaysiaSelangorAmpang Jaya324853.15°N101.77°E
MalaysiaSelangorBandar Baru Salak Tinggi344502.80°N101.75°E
MalaysiaSelangorGombak Setia314963.30°N101.70°E
MalaysiaSelangorKajang-Sungai Chua3144682.98°N101.77°E
MalaysiaSelangorPetaling Jaya3724733.10°N101.62°E
MalaysiaSelangorShah Alam3274673.07°N101.56°E
MalaysiaSelangorSubang Jaya3214743.15°N101.53°E
Summary of Responses by Geo
CountryRegionCityMMIResp.Distance (km)LatitudeLongitude
UTM:(47M 009 061 10000)33962483.42°S65.15°E
UTM:(47M 064 058 10000)25938184.62°S112.98°E
UTM:(47M 064 059 10000)311937084.53°S112.76°E
UTM:(47M 065 996 10000)651100.32°S100.39°E
UTM:(47M 068 997 10000)611320.23°S100.66°E
UTM:(47M 074 013 10000)481417485.58°S329.73°E
UTM:(47M 077 033 10000)3111002886.12°S139.99°E
UTM:(47M 078 034 10000)3211002285.99°S140.21°E
UTM:(47M 080 033 10000)391012685.92°S144.22°E
UTM:(47M 086 024 10000)3101288685.19°S208.10°E
UTM:(47M 086 025 10000)281223985.33°S196.04°E
UTM:(47M 089 022 10000)361647183.47°S294.63°E
UTM:(47M 099 990 10000)314070.86°S103.44°E
UTM:(47M 101 982 10000)624371.58°S103.62°E
UTM:(47M 102 016 10000)3103551292.01°N3,650.16°E
UTM:(47M 107 954 10000)226134.10°S104.17°E
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