M6.4 – Southern Sumatra, Indonesia

Tuesday, March 6, 2007 at 03:49:39 UTC
Tuesday, March 6, 2007 at 10:49:39 UTC+7
Globe at 0 100. Click to view event page.

0.51°S 100.52°E
Depth: 30km

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City/ZIP Map City: Subang Jaya Intensity: III Responses: 14 City: Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi Intensity: IV Responses: 1 City: Padang Intensity: VI Responses: 1 City: Padang Sidempuan Intensity: III Responses: 2 City: Klang Intensity: II Responses: 4 City: Sekudai Intensity: III Responses: 6 City: Dumai Intensity: III Responses: 3 City: Bukit Baru Intensity: III Responses: 4 City: Kajang-Sungai Chua Intensity: III Responses: 2 City: Petaling Jaya Intensity: III Responses: 25 City: Melaka Intensity: III Responses: 4 City: Pontian Kecil Intensity: II Responses: 2 City: Seremban Intensity: III Responses: 2 City: Jenjarom Intensity: II Responses: 1 City: Singapore Intensity: III Responses: 598 City: Parit Raja Intensity: III Responses: 4 City: Bukit Tinggi Intensity: VII Responses: 11 City: Shah Alam Intensity: III Responses: 20 City: Batam Intensity: III Responses: 2 City: Pekan Baru Intensity: III Responses: 24 City: Pasir Gudang Intensity: III Responses: 2 City: Kuala Lumpur Intensity: III Responses: 63 City: Duri Intensity: III Responses: 9 City: Bandar Penggaram Intensity: II Responses: 2 City: Johor Bahru Intensity: IV Responses: 30
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Summary of Responses by City
CountryRegionCityMMIResp.Distance (km)LatitudeLongitude
Singapore_no regionSingapore35984221.30°N103.85°E
IndonesiaRiau KepulauanBatam324151.03°N103.92°E
IndonesiaRiauPekan Baru3241580.56°N101.43°E
IndonesiaSumatera BaratBukit Tinggi711410.31°S100.37°E
IndonesiaSumatera BaratPadang61600.95°S100.35°E
IndonesiaSumatera UtaraPadang Sidempuan322541.39°N99.27°E
MalaysiaJohorBandar Penggaram223751.85°N102.93°E
MalaysiaJohorJohor Bahru4304221.48°N103.75°E
MalaysiaJohorParit Raja343921.87°N103.12°E
MalaysiaJohorPasir Gudang324341.45°N103.89°E
MalaysiaJohorPontian Kecil223901.52°N103.38°E
MalaysiaKuala LumpurKuala Lumpur3634273.16°N101.71°E
MalaysiaMelakaBukit Baru343602.22°N102.27°E
MalaysiaNegeri SembilanSeremban323912.71°N101.95°E
MalaysiaSelangorBandar Baru Salak Tinggi413912.80°N101.75°E
MalaysiaSelangorKajang-Sungai Chua324112.98°N101.77°E
MalaysiaSelangorPetaling Jaya3254183.10°N101.62°E
MalaysiaSelangorShah Alam3204133.07°N101.56°E
MalaysiaSelangorSubang Jaya3144213.15°N101.53°E
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