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Found 17 matching results Events - Last 24 Hours
MMIMagLocationEvent TimeEvent IDResponse
I5.0OFF EAST COAST OF THE NORTH ISLAND, N.Z.35.26°S 179.82°E 60Km Deep2015-10-05 01:09:38 UTC2015-10-05 13:09:38 LOCALUS10003KAZ0
I4.3NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN36.81°N 141.99°E 32Km Deep2015-10-05 00:26:23 UTC2015-10-05 09:26:23 LOCALUS10003KAL0
I4.6FLORES REGION, INDONESIA8.08°S 122.64°E 222Km Deep2015-10-04 23:59:10 UTC2015-10-05 07:59:10 LOCALUS10003KAH0
I2.8SOUTHERN ALASKA59.41°N -152.78°W 72Km Deep2015-10-04 23:10:46 UTC2015-10-04 15:10:46 LOCALAK117308920
I4.7SUNDA STRAIT, INDONESIA6.60°S 104.38°E 50Km Deep2015-10-04 22:50:02 UTC2015-10-05 05:50:02 LOCALUS10003KAA0
I4.4HINDU KUSH REGION, AFGHANISTAN36.72°N 70.96°E 228Km Deep2015-10-04 21:39:22 UTC2015-10-05 02:09:22 LOCALUS10003K9P0
I3.0SOUTHERN ALASKA60.32°N -152.29°W 103Km Deep2015-10-04 21:29:34 UTC2015-10-04 13:29:34 LOCALAK117307390
II2.6HAWAII REGION, HAWAII20.03°N -155.54°W 13Km Deep2015-10-04 20:53:15 UTC2015-10-04 10:53:15 LOCALHV610530612
I2.8OKLAHOMA36.60°N -98.23°W 5Km Deep2015-10-04 19:53:56 UTC2015-10-04 14:53:56 LOCALUS10003K900
I4.8SOUTH OF THE FIJI ISLANDS23.87°S -179.73°W 519Km Deep2015-10-04 18:16:53 UTC2015-10-05 06:16:53 LOCALUS10003K8J0
II4.9BALI SEA7.62°S 116.91°E 313Km Deep2015-10-04 17:45:55 UTC2015-10-05 01:45:55 LOCALUS10003K8A2
IV5.4NEAR THE COAST OF SOUTHERN PERU16.30°S -72.13°W 92Km Deep2015-10-04 14:50:34 UTC2015-10-04 09:50:34 LOCALUS10003K7Q9
III2.6OKLAHOMA35.71°N -97.49°W 5Km Deep2015-10-04 06:27:05 UTC2015-10-04 01:27:05 LOCALUS10003KA811
II2.1NORTHERN TEXAS32.86°N -96.92°W 5Km Deep2015-10-04 05:57:09 UTC2015-10-04 00:57:09 LOCALUS10003KA43
III3.3WESTERN MONTANA46.79°N -112.02°W 4Km Deep2015-10-04 03:52:24 UTC2015-10-03 21:52:24 LOCALMB8010029419
II5.3OFFSHORE COQUIMBO, CHILE30.27°S -72.15°W 10Km Deep2015-10-04 03:49:50 UTC2015-10-03 23:49:50 LOCALUS10003K532
III2.0GEORGIA, USA33.23°N -83.27°W 5Km Deep2015-10-04 03:22:16 UTC2015-10-03 23:22:16 LOCALUS10003KA214
Found 21 matching results Felt Events - Last 7 Days
MMIMagLocationEvent TimeEvent IDResponse
III2.8HAWAII REGION, HAWAII20.00°N -155.78°W 27Km Deep2015-10-03 22:24:39 UTC2015-10-03 12:24:39 LOCALHV6105244620
III4.9RYUKYU ISLANDS, JAPAN26.43°N 128.22°E 36Km Deep2015-10-03 15:51:19 UTC2015-10-04 00:51:19 LOCALUS10003K1510
VI5.8COQUIMBO, CHILE30.31°S -71.57°W 40Km Deep2015-10-03 06:26:55 UTC2015-10-03 02:26:55 LOCALUS10003JYT19
IV5.6OFFSHORE BIO-BIO, CHILE37.46°S -73.67°W 19Km Deep2015-10-03 06:03:42 UTC2015-10-03 02:03:42 LOCALUS10003JYN31
IV3.8OKLAHOMA36.61°N -98.15°W 7Km Deep2015-10-02 05:58:53 UTC2015-10-02 00:58:53 LOCALUS10003JPM14
V4.2PUERTO RICO REGION18.02°N -65.38°W 13Km Deep2015-10-02 02:34:34 UTC2015-10-01 22:34:34 LOCALPR15275000259
III4.6COMOROS REGION12.47°S 44.53°E 15Km Deep2015-10-01 21:47:10 UTC2015-10-02 00:47:10 LOCALUS10003JM35
IV2.7NORTHERN TEXAS32.81°N -96.94°W 5Km Deep2015-10-01 21:28:26 UTC2015-10-01 16:28:26 LOCALUS10003JLK103
IV4.5MARTINIQUE REGION, WINDWARD ISLANDS15.04°N -60.49°W 63Km Deep2015-10-01 18:29:59 UTC2015-10-01 14:29:59 LOCALUS10003JK725
IV4.2COSTA RICA9.46°N -84.09°W 36Km Deep2015-10-01 17:51:06 UTC2015-10-01 11:51:06 LOCALUS10003JJZ26
III4.4RYUKYU ISLANDS, JAPAN26.46°N 127.85°E 35Km Deep2015-10-01 13:42:44 UTC2015-10-01 22:42:44 LOCALUS10003JGV20
III3.2OKLAHOMA36.25°N -97.24°W 1Km Deep2015-10-01 07:47:32 UTC2015-10-01 02:47:32 LOCALUS10003JFM5
V3.7OKLAHOMA36.25°N -97.24°W 1Km Deep2015-10-01 05:56:35 UTC2015-10-01 00:56:35 LOCALUS10003JFB78
III2.5GREATER LOS ANGELES AREA, CALIFORNIA34.09°N -117.45°W 5Km Deep2015-10-01 05:30:25 UTC2015-09-30 22:30:25 LOCALCI37251855116
III2.4SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, CALIFORNIA37.54°N -121.93°W 6Km Deep2015-09-30 20:21:00 UTC2015-09-30 13:21:00 LOCALNC7253335633
V5.5GUERRERO, MEXICO18.09°N -101.28°W 64Km Deep2015-09-30 17:25:56 UTC2015-09-30 12:25:56 LOCALUS10003JB276
III2.7SOUTHEASTERN MISSOURI36.87°N -89.44°W 8Km Deep2015-09-30 01:09:46 UTC2015-09-29 20:09:46 LOCALNM6009144213
III3.9NORTHERN CALIFORNIA39.44°N -122.99°W 9Km Deep2015-09-28 21:36:40 UTC2015-09-28 14:36:40 LOCALNC7253216138
III5.4JUJUY, ARGENTINA23.78°S -66.58°W 192Km Deep2015-09-28 15:28:03 UTC2015-09-28 12:28:03 LOCALUS20003PNW9
V5.0OFFSHORE HONDURAS16.62°N -86.40°W 15Km Deep2015-09-28 13:37:04 UTC2015-09-28 07:37:04 LOCALUS20003PNJ16
III4.4NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN35.63°N 140.30°E 62Km Deep2015-09-28 00:48:29 UTC2015-09-28 09:48:29 LOCALUS20003PL89