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Found 11 matching results Events - Last 24 Hours
MMIMagLocationEvent TimeEvent IDResponse
I4.5GALAPAGOS TRIPLE JUNCTION REGION1.16°N -102.69°W 10Km Deep2015-04-18 10:04:59 UTC2015-04-18 03:04:59 LOCALUS200027IU0
I4.5SOUTHEAST OF SHIKOKU, JAPAN31.92°N 132.03°E 35Km Deep2015-04-18 09:34:54 UTC2015-04-18 18:34:54 LOCALUS200027IT0
I4.9CENTRAL MID-ATLANTIC RIDGE8.06°N -37.82°W 10Km Deep2015-04-18 09:08:42 UTC2015-04-18 06:08:42 LOCALUS200027IS0
II2.7OKLAHOMA35.94°N -97.35°W 6Km Deep2015-04-18 07:08:40 UTC2015-04-18 02:08:40 LOCALUS200027II1
I4.5SOUTH OF JAVA, INDONESIA9.59°S 106.84°E 10Km Deep2015-04-18 06:40:57 UTC2015-04-18 13:40:57 LOCALUS200027IJ0
I3.4SOUTH OF ALASKA52.87°N -162.91°W 29Km Deep2015-04-18 06:32:33 UTC2015-04-17 19:32:33 LOCALAK115553850
I2.7VIRGIN ISLANDS REGION18.84°N -64.29°W 12Km Deep2015-04-18 05:44:28 UTC2015-04-18 01:44:28 LOCALPR151080030
I2.8VIRGIN ISLANDS REGION18.75°N -64.63°W 17Km Deep2015-04-18 04:13:45 UTC2015-04-18 00:13:45 LOCALPR151080020
III4.0POLAND50.23°N 18.91°E 5Km Deep2015-04-17 22:16:22 UTC2015-04-18 00:16:22 LOCALUS200027GK5
III2.8COLORADO40.11°N -108.83°W 6Km Deep2015-04-17 18:47:08 UTC2015-04-17 12:47:08 LOCALUU6010825719
III3.3OKLAHOMA35.94°N -97.34°W 7Km Deep2015-04-17 16:48:16 UTC2015-04-17 11:48:16 LOCALUS200027D85
Found 29 matching results Felt Events - Last 7 Days
MMIMagLocationEvent TimeEvent IDResponse
III3.1OKLAHOMA35.94°N -97.41°W 4Km Deep2015-04-17 10:42:24 UTC2015-04-17 05:42:24 LOCALUS200027A15
IV3.9OKLAHOMA35.94°N -97.34°W 6Km Deep2015-04-17 09:08:06 UTC2015-04-17 04:08:06 LOCALUS2000278K27
V3.8OKLAHOMA35.94°N -97.33°W 5Km Deep2015-04-17 08:37:11 UTC2015-04-17 03:37:11 LOCALUS2000278A14
I2.0LASSEN PEAK AREA, CALIFORNIA40.47°N -121.52°W 5Km Deep2015-04-16 21:22:05 UTC2015-04-16 14:22:05 LOCALNC724295806
V6.0CRETE, GREECE35.14°N 26.82°E 20Km Deep2015-04-16 18:07:42 UTC2015-04-16 21:07:42 LOCALUS2000272B20
II2.5SANTA BARBARA CHANNEL, CALIFORNIA34.41°N -120.19°W 0Km Deep2015-04-16 13:05:40 UTC2015-04-16 06:05:40 LOCALCI373644807
III2.4SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, CALIFORNIA37.27°N -121.99°W 6Km Deep2015-04-16 08:11:55 UTC2015-04-16 01:11:55 LOCALNC72429275119
IV3.3GERMANY51.46°N 11.94°E 10Km Deep2015-04-16 06:38:06 UTC2015-04-16 08:38:06 LOCALUS200027668
III2.7COLORADO40.12°N -108.83°W 6Km Deep2015-04-16 04:20:44 UTC2015-04-15 22:20:44 LOCALUU6010806714
IV3.1GREATER LOS ANGELES AREA, CALIFORNIA34.34°N -118.46°W 8Km Deep2015-04-16 03:59:58 UTC2015-04-15 20:59:58 LOCALCI37364384736
IV5.2OFFSHORE SUCRE, VENEZUELA10.86°N -62.46°W 76Km Deep2015-04-16 02:24:16 UTC2015-04-16 02:24:16 LOCALUS200026W599
III4.5NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN38.39°N 142.16°E 48Km Deep2015-04-15 20:16:50 UTC2015-04-16 05:16:50 LOCALUS200026T816
IV5.2OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN39.33°N 143.60°E 10Km Deep2015-04-15 19:55:00 UTC2015-04-16 05:55:00 LOCALUS200026SU27
VI5.5CYPRUS REGION34.86°N 32.31°E 10Km Deep2015-04-15 08:25:12 UTC2015-04-15 11:25:12 LOCALUS200026MV37
IV5.3NEI MONGOL-NINGXIA BORDER REGION, CHINA39.74°N 106.42°E 10Km Deep2015-04-15 07:39:27 UTC2015-04-15 15:39:27 LOCALUS200026MR9
IV4.5GANSU, CHINA35.47°N 104.02°E 10Km Deep2015-04-15 07:08:37 UTC2015-04-15 15:08:37 LOCALUS200026MM5
IV2.7SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, CALIFORNIA38.03°N -122.20°W 9Km Deep2015-04-14 18:32:30 UTC2015-04-14 11:32:30 LOCALNC72428515147
III3.3OKLAHOMA36.09°N -97.56°W 5Km Deep2015-04-13 12:38:59 UTC2015-04-13 07:38:59 LOCALUS2000263F9
III2.7SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA34.14°N -116.84°W 10Km Deep2015-04-13 06:50:23 UTC2015-04-12 23:50:23 LOCALCI3736288014
V3.3GREATER LOS ANGELES AREA, CALIFORNIA33.99°N -118.36°W 11Km Deep2015-04-13 04:17:41 UTC2015-04-12 21:17:41 LOCALCI373628084944
IV4.6OFFSHORE LOS LAGOS, CHILE40.12°S -73.72°W 33Km Deep2015-04-13 03:00:08 UTC2015-04-12 23:00:08 LOCALUS2000261H25
IV2.6GREATER LOS ANGELES AREA, CALIFORNIA33.99°N -118.37°W 6Km Deep2015-04-12 23:35:46 UTC2015-04-12 16:35:46 LOCALCI37362648481
IV3.3OKLAHOMA36.00°N -96.80°W 5Km Deep2015-04-12 22:55:56 UTC2015-04-12 17:55:56 LOCALUS2000260627
III4.6EASTERN HONSHU, JAPAN36.41°N 138.82°E 147Km Deep2015-04-12 06:25:15 UTC2015-04-12 15:25:15 LOCALUS200025WJ10
IV2.9SOUTHEASTERN MISSOURI36.63°N -89.61°W 9Km Deep2015-04-12 05:43:29 UTC2015-04-12 00:43:29 LOCALNM6009771616
IV3.9BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA43.81°N 18.59°E 10Km Deep2015-04-12 00:05:32 UTC2015-04-12 02:05:32 LOCALUS200025VQ10
IV3.5WESTERN MONTANA48.41°N -114.24°W 12Km Deep2015-04-11 06:45:49 UTC2015-04-11 00:45:49 LOCALMB31284157
III4.5NORTHERN COLOMBIA6.46°N -73.03°W 39Km Deep2015-04-11 04:29:01 UTC2015-04-10 23:29:01 LOCALUS200025T76
III2.8SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA33.96°N -116.82°W 17Km Deep2015-04-11 04:22:01 UTC2015-04-10 21:22:01 LOCALCI3736145615