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Found 22 matching results Events - Last 24 Hours
MMIMagLocationEvent TimeEvent IDResponse
I0.0NORTHERN CALIFORNIA38.81°N -122.82°W 2Km Deep2016-02-09 10:06:18 UTC2016-02-09 02:06:18 LOCALNC725882700
I4.6SOUTHERN PERU15.52°S -73.31°W 74Km Deep2016-02-09 08:18:58 UTC2016-02-09 03:18:58 LOCALUS20004YYB0
I4.5MINAHASA, SULAWESI, INDONESIA1.15°N 123.87°E 25Km Deep2016-02-09 08:14:19 UTC2016-02-09 16:14:19 LOCALUS20004YYC0
I2.5SOUTHERN ALASKA59.82°N -152.95°W 89Km Deep2016-02-09 08:04:36 UTC2016-02-08 23:04:36 LOCALAK127925370
I4.5BAFFIN BAY74.22°N -71.87°W 14Km Deep2016-02-09 07:37:14 UTC2016-02-09 02:37:14 LOCALUS20004YY20
I4.9NORTHERN MID-ATLANTIC RIDGE28.30°N -43.77°W 27Km Deep2016-02-09 07:22:47 UTC2016-02-09 04:22:47 LOCALUS20004YXY0
I5.3NORTHERN MID-ATLANTIC RIDGE28.34°N -43.66°W 10Km Deep2016-02-09 07:19:31 UTC2016-02-09 04:19:31 LOCALUS20004YXX0
I2.5PUERTO RICO REGION18.02°N -65.37°W 13Km Deep2016-02-09 06:27:08 UTC2016-02-09 02:27:08 LOCALPR160400000
I3.4DOMINICAN REPUBLIC REGION17.80°N -68.50°W 147Km Deep2016-02-09 05:48:31 UTC2016-02-09 01:48:31 LOCALPR160400050
I2.6SOUTHERN ALASKA60.12°N -153.06°W 125Km Deep2016-02-09 05:46:08 UTC2016-02-08 20:46:08 LOCALAK127924710
I2.9VIRGIN ISLANDS REGION18.94°N -64.49°W 30Km Deep2016-02-09 05:19:57 UTC2016-02-09 01:19:57 LOCALPR160400040
I3.2VIRGIN ISLANDS REGION18.76°N -64.36°W 59Km Deep2016-02-09 05:18:21 UTC2016-02-09 01:18:21 LOCALPR160400030
I2.6OKLAHOMA36.27°N -96.75°W 2Km Deep2016-02-09 05:17:42 UTC2016-02-08 23:17:42 LOCALUS20004YXP0
I2.9VIRGIN ISLANDS REGION18.82°N -64.48°W 52Km Deep2016-02-09 05:17:11 UTC2016-02-09 01:17:11 LOCALPR160400020
I4.9BISMARCK SEA4.76°S 149.71°E 601Km Deep2016-02-09 05:03:20 UTC2016-02-09 15:03:20 LOCALUS20004YXN0
III4.9TAIWAN23.86°N 121.75°E 6Km Deep2016-02-09 00:47:00 UTC2016-02-09 08:47:00 LOCALUS20004YWK3
III5.2SOUTH ISLAND OF NEW ZEALAND42.13°S 173.07°E 50Km Deep2016-02-09 00:39:00 UTC2016-02-09 13:39:00 LOCALUS20004YWF10
II1.9NEVADA38.65°N -117.08°W 0Km Deep2016-02-09 00:01:13 UTC2016-02-08 16:01:13 LOCALNN005305501
II2.6CENTRAL CALIFORNIA36.96°N -121.45°W 5Km Deep2016-02-08 21:00:29 UTC2016-02-08 13:00:29 LOCALNC725881053
IV2.9WASHINGTON46.12°N -122.16°W 7Km Deep2016-02-08 16:50:07 UTC2016-02-08 08:50:07 LOCALUW611076425
III4.1BALI REGION, INDONESIA8.38°S 115.63°E 24Km Deep2016-02-08 15:19:46 UTC2016-02-08 23:19:46 LOCALUS20004YQQ6
III2.9OKLAHOMA36.45°N -98.69°W 7Km Deep2016-02-08 14:34:13 UTC2016-02-08 08:34:13 LOCALUS20004YQH2
Found 34 matching results Felt Events - Last 7 Days
MMIMagLocationEvent TimeEvent IDResponse
V3.2OKLAHOMA35.56°N -97.33°W 7Km Deep2016-02-08 08:02:12 UTC2016-02-08 02:02:12 LOCALUS20004YP515
III3.5CENTRAL CALIFORNIA35.46°N -119.97°W 7Km Deep2016-02-08 06:20:42 UTC2016-02-07 22:20:42 LOCALCI3752156832
IV3.2OKLAHOMA35.99°N -97.18°W 5Km Deep2016-02-07 16:10:00 UTC2016-02-07 10:10:00 LOCALUS20004YK612
VI4.6EASTERN HONSHU, JAPAN36.00°N 139.98°E 49Km Deep2016-02-07 10:26:57 UTC2016-02-07 19:26:57 LOCALUS20004YIN105
IV5.1ROTA REGION, NORTHERN MARIANA ISLANDS14.09°N 145.20°E 90Km Deep2016-02-07 07:25:39 UTC2016-02-07 17:25:39 LOCALUS20004YI331
III5.5TONGA15.18°S -173.26°W 10Km Deep2016-02-07 02:03:35 UTC2016-02-07 16:03:35 LOCALUS20004YH25
IV4.6NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN36.78°N 140.52°E 4Km Deep2016-02-07 01:09:48 UTC2016-02-07 10:09:48 LOCALUS20004YGS13
IV4.0COLORADO37.08°N -104.97°W 1Km Deep2016-02-06 23:09:10 UTC2016-02-06 16:09:10 LOCALUS20004YG76
IV3.5OKLAHOMA35.98°N -97.18°W 7Km Deep2016-02-06 21:59:54 UTC2016-02-06 15:59:54 LOCALUS20004YEI10
II3.8OKLAHOMA36.81°N -97.77°W 4Km Deep2016-02-06 20:39:09 UTC2016-02-06 14:39:09 LOCALUS20004YE06
III3.2OKLAHOMA35.98°N -97.19°W 5Km Deep2016-02-06 09:19:18 UTC2016-02-06 03:19:18 LOCALUS20004YB36
IV3.7SOUTH AFRICA29.57°S 30.74°E 10Km Deep2016-02-06 09:00:09 UTC2016-02-06 11:00:09 LOCALUS20004YLW22
III2.2SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA33.74°N -116.16°W 2Km Deep2016-02-05 21:39:11 UTC2016-02-05 13:39:11 LOCALCI375208489
II4.4EASTERN HONSHU, JAPAN36.74°N 139.53°E 114Km Deep2016-02-05 21:22:52 UTC2016-02-06 06:22:52 LOCALUS20004Y795
VIII6.4TAIWAN22.87°N 120.67°E 23Km Deep2016-02-05 19:57:27 UTC2016-02-06 03:57:27 LOCALUS20004Y6H138
V2.7GREATER LOS ANGELES AREA, CALIFORNIA33.74°N -118.35°W 9Km Deep2016-02-05 19:13:59 UTC2016-02-05 11:13:59 LOCALCI37520776476
V5.2NEPAL27.84°N 85.25°E 25Km Deep2016-02-05 16:20:11 UTC2016-02-05 22:05:11 LOCALUS20004Y4T113
III4.6EASTERN HONSHU, JAPAN36.36°N 139.11°E 141Km Deep2016-02-05 07:02:19 UTC2016-02-05 16:02:19 LOCALUS20004Y076
V4.8NEAR THE SOUTH COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN35.56°N 139.64°E 31Km Deep2016-02-04 22:41:47 UTC2016-02-05 07:41:47 LOCALUS20004XXU86
III2.9OKLAHOMA35.98°N -97.41°W 5Km Deep2016-02-04 20:27:39 UTC2016-02-04 14:27:39 LOCALUS20004XVY6
IV3.7WESTERN MONTANA46.50°N -112.03°W 6Km Deep2016-02-04 07:46:59 UTC2016-02-04 00:46:59 LOCALMB8012317991
II3.5CENTRAL CALIFORNIA35.46°N -119.98°W 8Km Deep2016-02-04 07:20:58 UTC2016-02-03 23:20:58 LOCALCI3752020010
III2.7KANSAS37.09°N -98.06°W 5Km Deep2016-02-04 03:47:25 UTC2016-02-03 21:47:25 LOCALUS20004X005
II2.3OKLAHOMA35.99°N -96.81°W 1Km Deep2016-02-04 01:43:17 UTC2016-02-03 19:43:17 LOCALUS20004WZK6
III4.5SOUTHERN ALASKA60.33°N -153.53°W 193Km Deep2016-02-03 20:31:25 UTC2016-02-03 11:31:25 LOCALAK1266003539
III4.7NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN36.88°N 141.16°E 10Km Deep2016-02-03 17:59:40 UTC2016-02-04 02:59:40 LOCALUS20004WWT6
III2.4OKLAHOMA35.68°N -97.40°W 9Km Deep2016-02-03 17:36:57 UTC2016-02-03 11:36:57 LOCALUS20004WW16
IV2.9GREATER LOS ANGELES AREA, CALIFORNIA34.15°N -117.58°W 12Km Deep2016-02-03 16:37:18 UTC2016-02-03 08:37:18 LOCALCI37519872106
III3.9VIRGIN ISLANDS REGION18.81°N -64.15°W 42Km Deep2016-02-03 07:24:59 UTC2016-02-03 03:24:59 LOCALPR160340015
V4.8OFFSHORE HONDURAS16.86°N -86.20°W 10Km Deep2016-02-02 19:36:18 UTC2016-02-02 13:36:18 LOCALUS20004WNP12
V5.7NORTHEAST OF TAIWAN25.59°N 123.47°E 188Km Deep2016-02-02 14:19:22 UTC2016-02-02 23:19:22 LOCALUS20004WK010
IV3.4NOVA SCOTIA, CANADA44.95°N -66.81°W 11Km Deep2016-02-02 11:56:24 UTC2016-02-02 07:56:24 LOCALLD6010920630
IV4.9MARTINIQUE REGION, WINDWARD ISLANDS14.93°N -60.58°W 48Km Deep2016-02-02 07:18:34 UTC2016-02-02 03:18:34 LOCALUS20004WI223
IV5.6NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN39.67°N 142.95°E 17Km Deep2016-02-02 05:31:48 UTC2016-02-02 14:31:48 LOCALUS20004WHR8