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Found 21 matching results Events - Last 24 Hours
MMIMagLocationEvent TimeEvent IDResponse
III0.0SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, CALIFORNIA37.98°N -122.05°W 16Km Deep2016-02-15 00:17:25 UTC2016-02-14 16:17:25 LOCALNC725912657
I2.1SEATTLE-TACOMA URBAN AREA, WASHINGTON47.29°N -122.30°W 14Km Deep2016-02-14 23:43:11 UTC2016-02-14 15:43:11 LOCALUW611253760
II0.0NORTHERN CALIFORNIA38.82°N -122.83°W 2Km Deep2016-02-14 22:53:43 UTC2016-02-14 14:53:43 LOCALNC725912351
II2.4CENTRAL CALIFORNIA36.48°N -121.06°W 6Km Deep2016-02-14 20:19:00 UTC2016-02-14 12:19:00 LOCALNC725911851
I2.0NORTHERN CALIFORNIA36.94°N -121.67°W 10Km Deep2016-02-14 19:43:27 UTC2016-02-14 11:43:27 LOCALNC725911750
I2.1NEVADA38.39°N -118.76°W 4Km Deep2016-02-14 19:18:11 UTC2016-02-14 11:18:11 LOCALNN005314860
I4.8SOUTHWESTERN RYUKYU ISLANDS, JAPAN24.84°N 123.31°E 43Km Deep2016-02-14 19:12:22 UTC2016-02-15 04:12:22 LOCALUS2000506F0
II5.7IZU ISLANDS, JAPAN REGION30.30°N 138.85°E 412Km Deep2016-02-14 18:09:26 UTC2016-02-15 03:09:26 LOCALUS2000505T4
II0.0NORTHERN CALIFORNIA38.76°N -122.73°W 1Km Deep2016-02-14 18:04:46 UTC2016-02-14 10:04:46 LOCALNC725911551
I4.5NEAR THE COAST OF NICARAGUA12.15°N -88.06°W 58Km Deep2016-02-14 17:17:28 UTC2016-02-14 11:17:28 LOCALUS2000505P0
I2.6OKLAHOMA36.14°N -97.52°W 5Km Deep2016-02-14 16:58:35 UTC2016-02-14 10:58:35 LOCALUS2000505D1
III2.7OKLAHOMA36.91°N -98.01°W 6Km Deep2016-02-14 16:58:28 UTC2016-02-14 10:58:28 LOCALUS2000505U2
I4.6NEAR THE COAST OF NICARAGUA12.09°N -88.14°W 10Km Deep2016-02-14 16:33:20 UTC2016-02-14 10:33:20 LOCALUS2000505A0
II3.0ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.17°N -155.47°W 33Km Deep2016-02-14 14:27:09 UTC2016-02-14 04:27:09 LOCALHV611778461
III2.7NORTHERN CALIFORNIA39.89°N -120.83°W 3Km Deep2016-02-14 14:19:13 UTC2016-02-14 06:19:13 LOCALNC725910456
III3.0HAWAII REGION, HAWAII19.63°N -156.12°W 12Km Deep2016-02-14 13:42:53 UTC2016-02-14 03:42:53 LOCALHV611778316
III2.9OKLAHOMA36.86°N -97.79°W 2Km Deep2016-02-14 12:35:44 UTC2016-02-14 06:35:44 LOCALUS2000504E6
III3.9OKLAHOMA36.29°N -97.72°W 3Km Deep2016-02-14 11:25:50 UTC2016-02-14 05:25:50 LOCALUS2000504324
IV3.5SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA33.90°N -117.12°W 13Km Deep2016-02-14 09:01:09 UTC2016-02-14 01:01:09 LOCALCI37523696658
III3.6OKLAHOMA36.48°N -98.58°W 5Km Deep2016-02-14 04:13:33 UTC2016-02-13 22:13:33 LOCALUS2000502D10
III3.7OKLAHOMA36.44°N -98.73°W 5Km Deep2016-02-14 00:32:16 UTC2016-02-13 18:32:16 LOCALUS2000501F4
Found 32 matching results Felt Events - Last 7 Days
MMIMagLocationEvent TimeEvent IDResponse
VII5.8SOUTH ISLAND OF NEW ZEALAND43.50°S 172.84°E 8Km Deep2016-02-14 00:13:43 UTC2016-02-14 13:13:43 LOCALUS2000501917
IV2.8OKLAHOMA36.49°N -98.75°W 6Km Deep2016-02-13 21:59:03 UTC2016-02-13 15:59:03 LOCALUS2000500M10
III3.2OKLAHOMA36.52°N -98.70°W 7Km Deep2016-02-13 20:55:32 UTC2016-02-13 14:55:32 LOCALUS200050076
III3.0OKLAHOMA36.44°N -98.71°W 6Km Deep2016-02-13 20:18:06 UTC2016-02-13 14:18:06 LOCALUS20004ZZW5
IV3.8OKLAHOMA36.52°N -98.70°W 2Km Deep2016-02-13 18:21:20 UTC2016-02-13 12:21:20 LOCALUS20004ZYZ27
V3.9OKLAHOMA36.47°N -98.69°W 5Km Deep2016-02-13 17:17:39 UTC2016-02-13 11:17:39 LOCALUS20004ZYF32
VII5.1OKLAHOMA36.49°N -98.74°W 7Km Deep2016-02-13 17:07:05 UTC2016-02-13 11:07:05 LOCALUS20004ZY83974
IV2.7NORTHERN CALIFORNIA38.45°N -122.53°W 6Km Deep2016-02-13 11:02:21 UTC2016-02-13 03:02:21 LOCALNC7259022022
III5.2SOUTHERN PERU17.01°S -70.91°W 114Km Deep2016-02-13 03:46:45 UTC2016-02-12 22:46:45 LOCALUS20004ZWJ5
II3.3CENTRAL CALIFORNIA35.73°N -119.67°W 24Km Deep2016-02-13 02:19:28 UTC2016-02-12 18:19:28 LOCALCI375233765
III2.6OKLAHOMA36.19°N -96.97°W 13Km Deep2016-02-12 20:37:49 UTC2016-02-12 14:37:49 LOCALUS20004ZTR7
IV4.1ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.35°N -155.05°W 8Km Deep2016-02-12 19:23:05 UTC2016-02-12 09:23:05 LOCALHV61176206204
IV2.1MAINE45.13°N -69.32°W 4Km Deep2016-02-12 13:37:25 UTC2016-02-12 08:37:25 LOCALUS20004ZQF6
IV4.5RYUKYU ISLANDS, JAPAN27.08°N 127.54°E 90Km Deep2016-02-12 12:59:31 UTC2016-02-12 21:59:31 LOCALUS20004ZQ16
IV6.3SUMBA REGION, INDONESIA9.74°S 119.45°E 28Km Deep2016-02-12 10:02:23 UTC2016-02-12 18:02:23 LOCALUS20004ZP914
V2.6OKLAHOMA36.17°N -97.05°W 5Km Deep2016-02-12 00:33:47 UTC2016-02-11 18:33:47 LOCALUS20004ZMN28
III4.5SAN JUAN, ARGENTINA31.30°S -68.70°W 114Km Deep2016-02-11 20:04:09 UTC2016-02-11 17:04:09 LOCALUS20004ZK38
IV2.3OKLAHOMA35.66°N -97.38°W 6Km Deep2016-02-11 00:24:19 UTC2016-02-10 18:24:19 LOCALUS20004ZEU9
VII3.0KANSAS37.05°N -97.89°W 5Km Deep2016-02-10 20:57:35 UTC2016-02-10 14:57:35 LOCALUS20004ZDC6
III4.0SOUTHERN ALASKA59.68°N -153.16°W 118Km Deep2016-02-10 17:52:11 UTC2016-02-10 08:52:11 LOCALAT00O2CEYZ9
III4.1NEPAL27.70°N 85.63°E 22Km Deep2016-02-10 16:27:42 UTC2016-02-10 22:12:42 LOCALUS20004ZDQ10
V4.6NORTHERN ALGERIA36.60°N 3.09°E 14Km Deep2016-02-10 01:12:17 UTC2016-02-10 02:12:17 LOCALUS20004Z5Z17
VI6.3COQUIMBO, CHILE30.63°S -71.62°W 31Km Deep2016-02-10 00:33:05 UTC2016-02-09 21:33:05 LOCALUS20004Z5B70
III2.5SEATTLE-TACOMA URBAN AREA, WASHINGTON47.29°N -122.29°W 24Km Deep2016-02-09 19:04:55 UTC2016-02-09 11:04:55 LOCALUW611078875
IV3.8NICARAGUA12.07°N -86.18°W 13Km Deep2016-02-09 19:00:38 UTC2016-02-09 13:00:38 LOCALUS20004Z4I9
III3.4OKLAHOMA36.26°N -96.75°W 5Km Deep2016-02-09 15:38:58 UTC2016-02-09 09:38:58 LOCALUS20004Z146
III5.2SOUTH ISLAND OF NEW ZEALAND42.13°S 173.07°E 50Km Deep2016-02-09 00:39:00 UTC2016-02-09 13:39:00 LOCALUS20004YWF11
II2.6CENTRAL CALIFORNIA36.96°N -121.45°W 5Km Deep2016-02-08 21:00:29 UTC2016-02-08 13:00:29 LOCALNC725881056
IV2.9WASHINGTON46.12°N -122.16°W 7Km Deep2016-02-08 16:50:07 UTC2016-02-08 08:50:07 LOCALUW611076427
III4.1BALI REGION, INDONESIA8.38°S 115.63°E 24Km Deep2016-02-08 15:19:46 UTC2016-02-08 23:19:46 LOCALUS20004YQQ6
V3.2OKLAHOMA35.56°N -97.33°W 7Km Deep2016-02-08 08:02:12 UTC2016-02-08 02:02:12 LOCALUS20004YP515
III3.5CENTRAL CALIFORNIA35.46°N -119.97°W 7Km Deep2016-02-08 06:20:42 UTC2016-02-07 22:20:42 LOCALCI3752156833