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Found 12 matching results Events - Last 24 Hours
MMIMagLocationEvent TimeEvent IDResponse
I2.9CENTRAL ALASKA63.95°N -150.35°W 3Km Deep2014-07-25 03:50:35 UTC2014-07-24 19:50:35 LOCALAK113362570
I3.2CENTRAL ALASKA63.25°N -151.56°W 12Km Deep2014-07-25 03:50:21 UTC2014-07-24 19:50:21 LOCALAK113362510
I2.3CENTRAL CALIFORNIA35.73°N -121.11°W 6Km Deep2014-07-25 03:29:25 UTC2014-07-24 20:29:25 LOCALNC722641710
I3.9CENTRAL ALASKA62.91°N -148.09°W 50Km Deep2014-07-25 03:22:36 UTC2014-07-24 19:22:36 LOCALAK113362300
I2.9CENTRAL ALASKA62.69°N -149.42°W 14Km Deep2014-07-25 01:41:38 UTC2014-07-24 17:41:38 LOCALAK113362040
I4.6FIJI REGION21.41°S -179.30°W 615Km Deep2014-07-25 00:02:39 UTC2014-07-25 12:02:39 LOCALUSB000RX1K0
V5.3LEYTE, PHILIPPINES10.41°N 125.27°E 37Km Deep2014-07-24 23:57:28 UTC2014-07-25 07:57:28 LOCALUSB000RX1J5
I4.7NORTHERN MID-ATLANTIC RIDGE28.50°N -43.74°W 10Km Deep2014-07-24 23:09:04 UTC2014-07-24 20:09:04 LOCALUSB000RX1F0
I4.6OFFSHORE BIO-BIO, CHILE36.62°S -73.69°W 13Km Deep2014-07-24 21:51:10 UTC2014-07-24 17:51:10 LOCALUSB000RX120
IV5.4EASTERN NEW GUINEA REG, PAPUA NEW GUINEA5.61°S 145.39°E 75Km Deep2014-07-24 17:10:20 UTC2014-07-25 03:10:20 LOCALUSB000RWXU1
II3.0CENTRAL CALIFORNIA35.73°N -121.12°W 6Km Deep2014-07-24 15:44:53 UTC2014-07-24 08:44:53 LOCALNC722638413
IV5.0SOUTH OF JAVA, INDONESIA9.21°S 111.53°E 36Km Deep2014-07-24 08:41:06 UTC2014-07-24 15:41:06 LOCALUSB000RWT63
Found 18 matching results Felt Events - Last 7 Days
MMIMagLocationEvent TimeEvent IDResponse
II2.5SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, CALIFORNIA37.97°N -122.04°W 12Km Deep2014-07-24 02:11:25 UTC2014-07-23 19:11:25 LOCALNC722634815
II2.8NEVADA41.88°N -119.64°W 1Km Deep2014-07-24 01:49:46 UTC2014-07-23 18:49:46 LOCALNN004530125
IV3.5WESTERN MONTANA46.26°N -111.39°W 3Km Deep2014-07-23 23:55:59 UTC2014-07-23 17:55:59 LOCALMB3065214
IV3.3OKLAHOMA35.90°N -97.31°W 5Km Deep2014-07-23 02:02:26 UTC2014-07-22 21:02:26 LOCALUSB000RWCU17
IV2.5OKLAHOMA35.83°N -97.44°W 5Km Deep2014-07-23 00:25:14 UTC2014-07-22 19:25:14 LOCALUSB000RWDJ7
III4.3EGYPT30.65°N 31.76°E 5Km Deep2014-07-22 03:03:58 UTC2014-07-22 06:03:58 LOCALUSB000RW2E5
II2.5SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, CALIFORNIA37.98°N -122.05°W 16Km Deep2014-07-21 21:52:36 UTC2014-07-21 14:52:36 LOCALNC722617966
III3.3KANSAS37.34°N -98.10°W 4Km Deep2014-07-20 12:24:58 UTC2014-07-20 07:24:58 LOCALUSB000RUSQ8
III3.1SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA32.89°N -116.27°W 6Km Deep2014-07-20 09:18:21 UTC2014-07-20 02:18:21 LOCALCI3724854410
IV2.8NORTHERN CALIFORNIA38.25°N -122.33°W 8Km Deep2014-07-20 04:14:03 UTC2014-07-19 21:14:03 LOCALNC72260721105
IV4.6NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN36.54°N 140.60°E 53Km Deep2014-07-20 01:25:33 UTC2014-07-20 10:25:33 LOCALUSB000RUNX32
IV3.0KANSAS37.22°N -97.95°W 5Km Deep2014-07-20 00:24:58 UTC2014-07-19 19:24:58 LOCALUSB000RUNG7
IV4.7NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN36.02°N 140.24°E 64Km Deep2014-07-19 01:42:53 UTC2014-07-19 10:42:53 LOCALUSB000RUFW24
III2.7OKLAHOMA CITY URBAN AREA, OKLAHOMA35.59°N -97.39°W 6Km Deep2014-07-18 21:56:32 UTC2014-07-18 16:56:32 LOCALUSB000RUEF5
III2.2GREATER LOS ANGELES AREA, CALIFORNIA33.92°N -117.93°W 3Km Deep2014-07-18 21:40:18 UTC2014-07-18 14:40:18 LOCALCI1552813753
III4.2EGYPT30.20°N 32.38°E 10Km Deep2014-07-18 20:01:28 UTC2014-07-18 23:01:28 LOCALUSB000RUD711
III0.0SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA (Sonic Boom?)33.50°N -117.70°W 0Km Deep2014-07-18 07:10:00 UTC2014-07-17 19:08:00 LOCALUS2014_00188
III2.8NORTHERN CALIFORNIA40.59°N -124.10°W 18Km Deep2014-07-18 02:58:04 UTC2014-07-17 19:58:04 LOCALNC722593865