2017 Oklahoma Scenario Exercise



Rob Williams <rawilliams@usgs.gov>


This catalog includes a single earthquake scenario that was requested by the Oklahoma County, Oklahoma, Local Emergency Planning Committee (OKCLEPC) in support of their earthquake drill on 10-12-2017. The OKCLEPC requested that the scenario event be located near their exercise focus area in Jones, Oklahoma. The hundreds of earthquakes (magnitude 2.5-4.0) that have occurred near Jones over the past 7 years makes a scenario like this plausible.

A scenario represents one realization of a potential future earthquake by assuming a particular magnitude, location, and fault-rupture geometry and estimating shaking using a variety of strategies.

In planning and coordinating emergency response, utilities, local government, and other organizations are best served by conducting training exercises based on realistic earthquake situations—similar to those that have a reasonable chance of occurring. ShakeMap Scenario earthquakes can fill this role. They can also be used to examine exposure of structures, lifelines, utilities, and transportation corridors to specified potential earthquakes.

Event Selection

The earthquake source parameters were selected based on seismicity trends near Jones from 2009 to 2017, consideration of earthquake source parameters from the 2011 M5.7 Prague, Oklahoma, and the 2016 M5.8 Pawnee, Oklahoma, earthquakes, fault information provided by the Oklahoma Geological Survey, and discussions among Rob Williams (USGS), Dan McNamara (USGS), Andy Michael (USGS), Jacob Walter and Jerry Boak (Oklahoma Geological Survey), David Wald (USGS), and Eric Thompson (USGS).

Ground Motion Models

The ground motions are computed using the same methods as with the 2014 BSSC Scenario Catalog, described here.


This catalog includes a single rupture in Oklahoma, US.