US Seismic Design Tool
The US Seismic Design Tool for engineers.

The well known statement "Earthquakes don't kill people, buildings do" highlights the need to make our communities more earthquake resilient. The impact of earthquakes on public safety and the national economy can be reduced through improvement of the built- environment to resist earthquake effects such as ground shaking. Reduction of the economic impact on individuals and the nation can also be reduced by additional means such as earthquake insurance.

Improving the ability of the built environment to resist earthquakes requires research in at least three areas: (1) quantification of earthquake effects, such as ground shaking, into a form suitable for use by design engineers (e.g., structural and geotechnical engineers), (2) improvement of design practices, and (3) knowledge of the types of damage that occur as a consequence of earthquakes.

Objectives that work toward achieving this goal include:

Furthermore, this task aims to increase the percent completion of earthquake hazard assessments for moderate to high hazard areas, by increasing the use of such assessments for mitigation.

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