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  • BSL Outreach — Wonderful diverse collection of videos and animations, as well as links to lesson plans and educational resources. (Berkeley Seismology Lab)
  • Earthquake "Top 10" Lists — Deadly earthquakes, damaging EQs, EQ density maps, world and US statistics, historical EQ lists, largest EQ lists, last EQ in..., significant EQ catalogs, seismicity maps of the world and US. (USGS)
  • Earthquakes — general overview of earthquakes, online USGS general interest publication (USGS)
  • EarthScope Resources for Students & Teachers — Animations, online lectures, visualizations and more, mostly from IRIS. (EarthScope)
  • EQs on the Surface (PDF) — use topo maps, seismicity maps, and fault maps to understand the connection between the surface features, locations of EQs and mapped faults (USGS)
  • Evidence for Plate Tectonics-Teaching Box — Collection of interrelated learn concepts that focuses on finding the evidence for plate tectonics using digital resources, education standards, and comprehensive lesson plans. (DLESE)
  • IRIS Education and Public Outreach — An amazing collection of excellent education resources for all aspects of earthquakes and seismology with great images! (IRIS - Incorporated Research Institutes for Seismology)
  • IRIS Education Resources — A multitude of educational resources for earthquake science, from visualizations and animations, to lessons and educational software. Awesome! (IRIS - Incorporated Research Institutes for Seismology)
  • Jules Verne Voyager and Jules Verne Voyager, Jr. — an interactive map tool that enables students and scientists to better understand the relationships between geophysical and geological processes, structures, and measurements with high-precision GPS data. These are Javascript based tools. (UNAVCO)
  • SCEC Communication, Education and Outreach — Many excellent resources for Public Education and Preparedness, K-14 Earthquake Education, and Experiential Learning and Career Advancement. Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country downloadable booklets for learning about earthquake hazards and safety recommendations in many different languages and for many different areas of the United States. (Southern California Earthquake Center (SCEC))
  • Teacher's Guide to the San Francisco Bay Area Geophysics Maps — USGS Open File Report 95-479 (online) (USGS)
  • The Parkfield, California Earthquake Experiment — Information about past earthquakes and current monitoring efforts. (USGS)