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  • Earthquake Quartet #1 — USGS seismologist Andrew Michael explores both music and audio playbacks of the earth shaking and finds new ways to learn about the earth, earthquakes, musical instruments and music. (USGS)
  • Earthquakes, MegaQuakes, and the Movies — discussion about facts versus fantasies (USGS)
  • Faces of the Earth — 4 videos: Building the Planet, Shaping the Planet, Assembling America, A Human World (AGI - American Geosciences Institute)
  • Focal Mechanisms — Basic explanation for what a focal mechanism is, and how to interpret them. (USGS)
  • Hazards 101, Earthquake — The basics of how the USGS National Earthquake Hazard Maps are made. (USGS)
  • IRIS Education and Public Outreach — An amazing collection of excellent education resources for all aspects of earthquakes and seismology with great images! (IRIS - Incorporated Research Institutes for Seismology)
  • Watch Buildings Move During Earthquakes — Real videos of buildings shaking during real earthquakes, and some re-creations. (American Geophysical Union (AGU))