childs drawing of the letter D


One of the most obvious effects of earthquakes is the damage to man-made structures. It is worth remembering that earthquakes don't kill people, buildings do. If we were in the wild or living in tents, earthquakes might frighten us but they could not really hurt us. If our buildings are well built well, we have nothing to fear.


Drop, cover and hold is considered the best response to an earthquake. Drop, cover and hold means to crouch down under a table or desk and hold on to the table. The main effect of earthquakes on buildings is to make fittings, furnishings or pieces of the building fall. By putting a table or desk between you and those falling objects, you greatly increase your safety. People under tables have been safe even when the building completely collapsed. The drop, cover and hold drill recommends holding onto the table so that even in very violent shaking, it will not roll away. Running out of the building is not a safe thing to do because the most likely part of a building to fall is the outside (such as facades, balconies and cornices). By running outside you have to pass the most dangerous part of the building.