childs drawing of the letter S and a sketch of the North American content

S is for STRIKE-SLIP. Strike-slip is on of the ways that earthqukes occur. Rocks move sideways in strike-slip earthquakes. - Sven

childs drawing of the letter S with a seismograph and zig-zag links along the surface of the earth

S is for SEISMOGRAPH. A seismograph is used to measure how big the earthquake is. S is for SHAKING.The earthquake makes the ground shake. Sometimes it shakes a lot because it is a big earthquake. - Jocelyn and Julia

childs drawing of the letter R and two damaged building and people running

S is for SPACE BLANKET. If there was an earthquake, I will open my space blanked and get in so I can keep me warm. S is for SAFETY. In an earthquake you need lots of safety because lots of people can get hurt. Earthquakes can be dangerous when people don't know what to do to protect themselves. - Tishawna and Joselyn