March 28-29, 2006 - Jackson Federal Building, Downtown Seattle

The links in the following agenda are to PDF files of participants that have granted permission to view their presentations at the CEUS workshop.

March 28th

Introduction: Overview of Scientific Issues: Why Are We Here? (Weaver and Frankel)

Faults in the Puget Sound Region and Elsewhere in Western Washington

Faults in the Portland Region and Elsewhere in Western Oregon

Use of GPS Measurements in Hazard Assessment

Cascadia subduction zone

March 29

Faults in Eastern Washington, Including Hanford Area (Rohay)

Faults in Eastern Oregon (Madin)

Faults in Southwest British Columbia (Cassidy)

Intra-Slab Earthquakes

Ground Motion Attenuation Relations

Discussion of Engineering Issues

Brief Description of Other Products (Frankel)

Summary of Possible Changes to National Maps Based on Workshop, With Discussion of Research Priorities