Catalogs and corresponding .ps graphics are from National Seismic Hazard Modeling Project. A detailed description about the various catalog sources is in USGS OFR 2014-1091. One key addition for OFR 2016-1035 is that the Oklahoma Geological Survey’s catalog is included as a source.

Download Catalog Files

Coordinates for the zones of induced seismicity

This zipped file is a folder that contains the latitude and longitude coordinates for the 21 zones. There is also a document that explains the abbreviations and time windows. See figure 1A and table 1 (as well as the text) of USGS OFR 2016-1035 for additional details.

Download Polygons-2016


- the full (non-declustered) catalog. Anthropogenic events that are mining-related and/or explosions have been removed from this catalog.
- the declustered catalog (dependent events removed) and will only include moment magnitude ≥ 2.5 events.
- potentially induced. The zones of induced seismicity and the time windows used are outlined in figure 1A and table 1 of USGS OFR 2016-1035.
- natural. The pi and pn catalogs are mutually exclusive.