Purpose: Retrieve seismic design parameter values for the design of buildings and bridges at sites in the U.S. and its Territories

Building code reference document:

  • 2012/09/06 International Building Code
  • 2010/05 ASCE/SEI 7 Standard
  • 2009/03 NEHRP Recommended Provisions
  • 2009 AASHTO Guide Specifications for LRFD Seismic Bridge Design

Site address, or latitude and longitude
Soil classification (for example, Site Class C for "very dense soil and soft rock"; not available from the USGS)

Note, the application can batch-process multiple sites.


Summary Report: mapped location; and design values and response spectra from the building code reference document
Detailed Report: the calculations underlying the design values, including any associated maps, tables, and equations

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