Due to insufficient resources and the recent development of similar web tools by third parties, the USGS has replaced its former U.S. Seismic Design Maps web applications with web services that can be used through third-party tools.

Your options for using the replacement USGS web services are described below.

Third-party Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs)

Most users will find third-party GUIs like the following more usable than the replacement USGS web services, and more like the former USGS applications:

USGS U.S. Seismic Design Maps Web Services

Whereas the former USGS web applications each interacted with users through a graphical user interface (GUI), the replacement web services receive the inputs (e.g. latitude and longitude) in the form of a web address and return the outputs (e.g. SDS and SD1) in text form, without supplementary graphics.