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  • Back to the Future on the San Andreas Fault — What does the science say? Where does the information come from? And what does it mean? Investigating past earthquakes to inform the future. (USGS)
  • BSL Outreach — Wonderful diverse collection of videos and animations, as well as links to lesson plans and educational resources. (Berkeley Seismology Lab)
  • Deciphering Nature's Seismograph: How Sediments Record Past Earthquakes and Inform Future Hazard Assessments — An ArcGIS geo-narrative storymap that describes how scientists can learn about the approximate time and magnitude of past earthquakes by looking at how they are "recorded" in the sediments under the surface of the Earth. (USGS)
  • Digging Into the Past on the Teton Fault — Follow the daily activities of a team of geologists and paleoseismologists as they dig a trench and collect data on the Teton Fault. (from a fieldwork blog September 15-21, 2017) (USGS)
  • Earthquake Science Explained — A series of short articles for students, teachers, and parents originally published as weekly features in The San Francisco Chronicle. This USGS General Information Product presents some of the new understanding gained and scientific advances made in the century since the Great 1906 San Francisco Earthquake. (USGS)
  • Geology Detectives (PDF) — solve a crime, and then use those same skills to understand the Law of Superposition (older layers of the earth on bottom) with a fun Geology Detectives investigation, and then use your skills to solve a geological mystery. (USGS)
  • Paleoseismology and the Hayward Fault — How paleoseismology is revealing information about the Hayward fault and its past. New technology being used. Photos from the Tule Pond trench on the Hayward fault. (USGS)