Contacts for Southern California

Name E-mail
Mark Alvarez
Edna Anjal
Aris Aspiotes
Glenn Biasi
Alexis "Alex" Cadriao
Elizabeth Cochran
Eunice Cuadros
Donyelle Davis
Jason De Cristofaro
Robert deGroot
Sandra Dedeaux
Daniel Determan
Sara Dougherty
Karen Felzer
Gary Gann
Doug Given
Rob Graves
Steve Guiwits
Susan Hough
Ken Hudnut
Buck Jones
Katherine Kendrick
Kate Long
Scott Lydeen
Devin McPhillips
David Nget
Morgan Page
Sue Perry
Jennifer Pfau
Kate Scharer
Stan Schwarz
Richard "Josh" Sessoms
Deborah Smith
Thurman Dave Sutton
Valerie Thomas
Nicholas Van Der Elst
Margaret Vinci
Alan Yong

Directions to the USGS Pasadena Office

From the 134/210 Freeway:

Take the 134 East and follow the signs to Pasadena (210E).
Exit at Lake Ave. and go right (South) for several city blocks.
Turn left on Del Mar.
Continue below from Del Mar.

From the 110 Pasadena Freeway:

Take the 110N until it ends in Pasadena.
Keep going straight (on Arroyo which is what the freeway turns into).
Turn right (East) on Del Mar.
Continue below from Del Mar.

From Del Mar:

Turn right on Wilson Ave. Go through the stop sign at San Pasqual, and the office is a few houses down on the right. The address is 525 S. Wilson and the house is yellow with black shutters.
The "Geological Survey" house is #39 on the Caltech campus map.