Impacts of disasters on the Bay Area households: the case of earthquakes and COVID-19

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Maryia Markhvida, Stanford University

Wednesday, May 26, 2021 at 10:30 AM

Online-only seminar via Microsoft Teams
Anne Wein

In this talk, a framework for modeling the effects of disasters on households' well-being will be presented. The framework extends traditional seismic risk analysis to evaluate changes in the output of economic sectors and the effect of losses on the consumption of individual households. The model considers post-disaster changes in utility of consumption (i.e., well-being losses) as a metric to better capture the impact of disasters on individuals, allowing for a more fair comparison between different socio-economic groups. A case study of the San Francisco Bay Area following a hypothetical magnitude 7.2 earthquake on the Hayward fault will be presented. In addition, an adapted version of the framework that evaluates the impacts of COVID-19 measures on the Bay Area households will be shown.

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