Characteristics and Seismic Performance of Tall Buildings in San Francisco Estimated with Nonlinear Response History Analyses

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Robert Pekelnicky and James Malley


Date & Time
Building 3, California Conference Room
Mehmet Celebi

Recent Articles in the New York Times have highlighted the potential vulnerability of some classes of tall buildings to large earthquakes in the Bay Area. Some of the material for these articles was taken from the recently published “Haywired” Scenario reports published by USGS. This presentation will focus on two classes of tall buildings. The first are the so-called “Pre-Northridge” Steel Moment Frame structures designed between the 1960’s and mid-1990’s, that were shown to be vulnerable to connection damage in the 1994 Northridge earthquake. The second are the recently designed and constructed tall towers with reinforced concrete shear wall core lateral force resisting systems that are widely used for both high-rise condominiums and office buildings. The presentation will discuss how these buildings are being analyzed and evaluated using nonlinear response history procedures, with comments on general trends and findings.

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