The 2016 earthquake sequence (Amatrice, Vetorre, Norcia) in central Italy: is complexity a recurrent feature of Italian earthquakes?

Daniela Pantosti

Instituto Nazionale Geofisica e Vulcanologia (INGV, Rome)

Date & Time
Building 3, Rambo Auditorium
David Schwartz

Beginning in August 2016, a series of moderate to large earthquakes (M6.0 August 24, M5.9 October 26, M6.5 October 30) struck the central Apennines producing severe damage in several small towns including Amatrice, Norcia and Visso. The earthquakes resulted in almost 300 casualties and left more than 40,000 homeless. This earthquake sequence is located between the 1997M.6.0 Umbria Marche sequence to the north and the 2009 M6.1 L’Aquila earthquake to the south, defining a continuous 140 km-long NW-striking zone of normal faulting. Large complexity characterizes the sequence in terms of rupture geometry and slip distribution both at depth and at the surface. The seminar includes a review of the present knowledge on the seismic sequence.

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